Declared fish habitat area plans

Using area plans

Declared fish habitat area (FHA) plans indicate the outer boundaries (or limits) of FHAs; however, it is important to note that excluded areas (e.g. navigation channels or individual lots) may be indicated on the FHA plan. Please check the Fisheries (General) Regulation 2019 (Schedule 3) for details on the area included within the boundary of an FHA and its management.

Plans and descriptions

The plan and a short summary of each declared FHA are available for download in the table below. A number of these files are large and may take some time to download.

Declared FHA key plan (PDF, 757.3KB)

Declared fish habitat area summaries and plans
FHA summary Plan Nearest major town
Annan River Plan 049 (PDF, 507.1KB) Cooktown
Baffle Creek Plan 031 (PDF, 1.0MB) Bundaberg
Balban Dara Guya (Leekes Creek) Plan 076 (PDF, 171.6KB) Rockhampton
Barr Creek Plan 035 (PDF, 404.7KB) Cairns
Bassett Basin Plan 044 (PDF, 766.5KB) Mackay
Beelbi Plan 030 (PDF, 625.3KB) Maryborough
Bohle River Plan 027 (PDF, 3.0MB) Townsville
Bowling Green Bay Plan 007 (PDF, 589.5KB) Townsville
Broad Sound Plan 047 (PDF, 832.9KB) Mackay
Burdekin Plan 005 (PDF, 1.5MB) Ayr
Burrum Plan 029 (PDF, 2.0MB) Maryborough
Cape Palmerston - Rocky Dam Plan 048 (PDF, 287.7KB) Mackay
Cattle-Palm Creeks Plan 074 (PDF, 528.7KB) Ingham
Cawarral Creek Plan 050 (PDF, 337.7KB) Rockhampton
Cleveland Bay Plan 071 (PDF, 1.1MB) Townsville
Colosseum Inlet Plan 037 (PDF, 915.3KB) Gladstone
Coombabah Plan 016 (PDF, 739.2KB) Gold Coast
Coomera Plan 023 (PDF, 456.3KB) Gold Coast
Corio Bay Plan 067 (PDF, 179.9KB) Yeppoon
Currumbin Creek Plan 020 (PDF, 292.7KB) Gold Coast
Dallachy Creek Plan 042 (PDF, 719.7KB) Cardwell
Deception Bay Plan 013 (PDF, 3.4MB) Brisbane

De-ral-li (Calliope River)

Plan 075 (PDF, 990.9KB) Gladstone
Edgecumbe Bay Plan 069 (PDF, 635.5KB) Bowen
Eight Mile Creek Plan 063 (PDF, 254.2KB) Burketown
Elliott River Plan 052 (PDF, 876.2KB) Bundaberg
Escape River Plan 060 (PDF, 307.1KB) Cape York
Eurimbula Plan 038 (PDF, 360.9KB) Town of Seventeen-Seventy
Fitzroy River Plan 072 (PDF, 2.7MB) Rockhampton
Fraser Island Plan 053 (PDF, 1.7MB) Maryborough; Hervey Bay
Half Moon Creek Plan 033 (PDF, 439.4KB) Cairns
Halifax Plan 024 (PDF, 592.6KB) Ingham
Hays Inlet Plan 012 (PDF, 1.2MB) Brisbane
Hinchinbrook Plan 028 (PDF, 560.2KB) Cardwell
Hull River Plan 046 (PDF, 596.3KB) Tully
Jumpinpin-Broadwater Plan 021 (PDF, 8.1MB) Gold Coast
Kauri Creek Plan 055 (PDF, 521.0KB) Maryborough
Kinkuna Plan 002 (PDF, 2.9MB) Hervey Bay
Kippa-Ring Plan 014 (PDF, 1.1MB) Redcliffe
Kolan River Plan 032 (PDF, 640.7KB) Bundaberg
Maaroom Plan 056 (PDF, 628.4KB) Maryborough
Margaret Bay (Wuthathi) Plan 070 (PDF, 436.4KB) Portland Roads
Maroochy Plan 008 (PDF, 2.1MB) Maroochydore
Meunga Creek Plan 040 (PDF, 414.3KB) Cardwell
Midge Plan 001 (PDF, 589.8KB) Proserpine
Moreton Banks Plan 015 (PDF, 419.7KB) Brisbane
Morning Inlet-Bynoe River Plan 062 (PDF, 401.6KB) Karumba
Murray River Plan 009 (PDF, 482.4KB) Tully
Myora-Amity Banks Plan 017 (PDF, 1.1MB) Brisbane
Nassau River Plan 059 (PDF, 355.4KB) Karumba
Noosa River Plan 051 (PDF, 1.6MB) Noosa
Peel Island Plan 010 (PDF, 395.8KB) Cleveland; Dunwich
Pimpama Plan 022 (PDF, 474.2KB) Southport
Pine River Bay Plan 073 (PDF, 414.5KB) Weipa
Princess Charlotte Bay Plan 043 (PDF, 461.5KB) Cooktown
Pumicestone Channel Plan 011 (PDF, 1.5MB) Caloundra
Repulse Plan 004 (PDF, 1.3MB) Proserpine
Rodds Harbour Plan 036 (PDF, 898.4KB) Gladstone
Sand Bay Plan 006 (PDF, 610.8KB) Mackay
Seventeen Seventy-Round Hill Plan 018 (PDF, 459.1KB) Town of Seventeen-Seventy
Silver Plains Plan 057 (PDF, 281.1KB) Cooktown
Staaten-Gilbert Plan 061 (PDF, 732.5KB) Karumba
Starcke River (Ngulun) Plan 068 (PDF, 425.3KB) Hopevale
Susan River Plan 054 (PDF, 795.7KB) Maryborough
Tallebudgera Creek Plan 019 (PDF, 308.7KB) Gold Coast
Temple Bay Plan 058 (PDF, 254.7KB) Cooktown
Tin Can Inlet Plan 064 (PDF, 671.6KB) Maryborough
Trinity Inlet Plan 003 (PDF, 3.2MB) Cairns
Tully River Plan 045 (PDF, 437.2KB) Tully
West Hill Plan 039 (PDF, 458.6KB) Mackay
Wreck Creek Plan 041 (PDF, 522.9KB) Cardwell
Yorkey's Creek Plan 034 (PDF, 221.9KB)   Cairns

Geographic Information System coverage

Geographic Information System (GIS) coverage of the declared FHA network is available from the Queensland Spatial Catalogue by searching for 'fish habitat areas'.