Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Pimpama

Pimpama declared Fish Habitat Area

Pimpama declared Fish Habitat Area


Part of Pimpama River and McCoy’s Creek, 20 km north/north-west of Southport.

Plan number

FHA-022 (PDF, 474.2KB)


241 ha

Management level


Declaration dates

12 June 1971 (original declaration)
23 January 1988 (redeclared to exclude part of Pimpama River)
13 August 1999 (redeclared to cadastral boundaries, to include adjoining fish habitats and to include some fish habitats previously excluded)

Local government

Gold Coast City Council

Management features

Protection of important fisheries habitat; wetlands buffer zone from rural development; adjacent to Jumpinpin-Broadwater declared Fish Habitat Area (management A).

Habitat values

Shallow mangrove-lined estuary dominated by Avicennia and Rhizophora, sandy shoals and delta.

Fisheries values

Commercial, recreational and Indigenous fishing; bream; estuary cod; flathead; garfish; luderick; mangrove jack; sea mullet; tailor; whiting; banana, eastern king and bay prawns.

Other values

None presently identified.