Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Kauri Creek

Fish habitats of Kauri Creek

Fish habitats of Kauri Creek


Kauri Creek/Tin Can Inlet, north of Tin Can Bay, 34 km south-east of Maryborough.

Plan number

FHA-055 (PDF, 521.0KB)


6,435 ha

Management level


Declaration dates

24 January 1976 (original declaration)
28 March 2008 (redeclared to cadastral boundaries)

Local government

Gympie Regional Council/Fraser Coast Regional Council

Management features

Tin Can Bay supports at least 39 fish species of commercial, recreational or Indigenous importance; seagrass meadows on shallow tidal flats at creek mouth; juvenile prawn habitat.

Habitat values

Extensive mangroves (with Avicennia, Ceriops and Aegialitis) and saltmarsh along estuary; extensive seagrass meadows in Tin Can Inlet with seven seagrass species recorded in the Great Sandy Strait; mosaics of mangrove, seagrass and coral reef provide habitat for a high diversity of fish.

Fisheries values

Commercial net and crustacean fisheries; recreational and Indigenous fishing; tropical and temperate fish species; bream; estuary cod; flathead; garfish; grunter; luderick; mangrove jack; sea mullet; tailor; whiting; eastern king prawns.

Unique features

Part of the most extensive seagrass area in south-east Queensland.

Other values

An important dugong habitat, coral reefs support scribbled angelfish Chaetodontoplus duboulayi and Müllers butterflyfish Chelmon mulleri at the southern end of their range; small areas of hard and soft coral around Pannikin and Ida Islands.

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