Parks permits and policies

  • Permits are required for certain activities in Queensland national parks and State forest land. These activities include camping, recreational and commercial tours, scientific or educational research and group activities such as orienteering, climbing and traversing.

  • The department collects a range of regulatory fees associated with permits for commercial activities in or near parks that are administered by the department.

  • Authorities and permits are issued over parks and forests for development and infrastructure projects. Activities include occupation permits and structures and works.

  • Some educational and research activities are appropriate in Queenslands parks and forests. Concessions are available for certain activities.

  • The Forestry Act 1959 provides for the reservation, management and protection of State forests and the sale of forest products on State lands, including State forests and timber reserves.

  • The department offers pre-design/pre-lodgement meetings to all prospective applicants seeking direction and advice regarding development applications. Departmental staff will help you save money and reduce delays by identifying precisely: what information and support documents you will need to produce for your application and the timeframes you'll need to meet.

  • Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service offices that provide over-the-counter services. Products and services listed include great walk topographic maps.