Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Jumpinpin-Broadwater

Mangroves in the Jumpinpin-Broadwater declared Fish Habitat Area

Mangroves in the Jumpinpin-Broadwater declared Fish Habitat Area


Channel between southern end of South Stradbroke Island and mainland, north to the south-western end of North Stradbroke Island, 20 km north of Gold Coast.

Plan number

FHA-021 (PDF, 8.1MB)  (Revision 1)


10403.41 ha
10332.03 ha management A
71.38 ha management B

Management level

A and B

Declaration dates

23 January 1969 (original declaration of Jumpinpin Reserve)
12 June 1971 (original declaration of Tipplers Passage and Currigee Reserves)
19 November 1983 (redeclared to merge and extend Jumpinpin, Tipplers Passage and Currigee Reserves)
13 August 1999 (redeclared to cadastral boundaries and to clarify boundaries)
18 December 2003 (redeclared to provide an exclusion area for a pre-existing activity)
17 March 2017 (redeclared designated mooring areas at Jacobs Well and Currigee to management B areas to allow installation of buoy moorings)

Local government

Gold Coast City Council

Management features

Habitat protection for seagrass meadows and shallow estuarine areas.

Habitat values

Avicennia- and Rhizophora-dominated estuary and islands; sparse to dense Zostera and Halophila beds; over-wash and deltaic mangrove islands; sandy shoals; channels; extensive delta.

Fisheries values

Local valuable recreational and commercial fisheries; Indigenous fishing; important bream spawning area; bream; estuary cod; flathead; jewfish; mangrove jack; school mackerel; sea mullet; snapper; tailor; whiting; eastern king prawns; bay prawns; oysters; mud and sand crabs.

Unique features

Unique system of islands and complex estuarine deposits; important area for fisheries research.

Other values

Only substantially undeveloped coastal area between Brisbane and Gold Coast.