Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Margaret Bay (Wuthathi)

Margaret Bay / Wuthathi declared Fish Habitat Area

Margaret Bay / Wuthathi declared Fish Habitat Area


Foreshore from Olive River, north around Cape Grenville including Home Islands, Margaret Bay and Shelburne Bay to Double Point, 100 km north of Portland Roads.

Plan number

FHA-070 (PDF, 436.4KB)  (revision 1)


27,556 ha
24,349 ha management A
3,207 ha management B

Management level

A and B

Declaration dates

25 February 2005 (original declaration)
28 March 2008 (redeclared to correct a boundary error)

Local government

Cook Shire Council

Management features

Culturally significant area managed by the Wuthathi people; diverse range of near pristine habitats of significant fisheries value; adjoins Temple Bay declared FHA.

Habitat values

Mangrove-lined estuaries with at least 23 species, dominated by Rhizophora, Bruguiera and Ceriops; marshes and saltpans; intertidal banks; extensive, diverse and dense seagrass meadows containing at least eight species; extensive macroalgae beds; rocky shores; adjoining/adjacent freshwater wetlands.

Fisheries values

Traditional, recreational and commercial fishing; barramundi; tarpon; threadfin salmon; grey mackerel; shark; estuary cod; mangrove jack; fingermark.

Unique features

None presently identified.

Other values

Important dugong habitat, coral reefs, islands.

Further references

Sheppard, R, Roelofs, A E, Garrett, R & Helmke, S A 2002, Margaret Bay and surrounds: assessment of fisheries resources, August 2001, Information Series QI02003, Queensland Department of Primary Industries