Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Annan River

Estuarine reaches, Saltwater Creek

Estuarine reaches, Saltwater Creek


Parts of Annan River and Walker Bay, adjacent to southern edge of Cooktown.

Plan number

FHA-049 (PDF, 507.1KB)


1,753 ha
875 ha management A
878 ha management B

Management level

A and B

Declaration dates

19 December 2003 (original declaration)

Local government

Cook Shire Council

Management features

Protection of valuable commercial, recreational and Indigenous fisheries resources; management of diverse habitats in near pristine condition near the township of Cooktown.

Habitat values

Approximately 15km of pristine freshwater habitats including riffles and pools; estuarine waters; mangrove forests—at least 11 species, dominated by Rhizophora and Ceriops; salt couch flats; sand and mud flats; rock bars; seagrass beds; coral reefs; rocky headlands.

Fisheries values

Commercial, recreational and indigenous subsistence fishing; barramundi; mangrove jack; estuary cod; flathead; jungle perch; sooty grunter; trevally; queenfish; grunter; threadfin salmon; garfish; mud crabs; three species of freshwater mussel; mackerel; reef fish.

Other values

Considered critically important to the Yuku Baja Muliku people who have had a connection to this location for generations.

Further references

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