Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Corio Bay

Mangrove-lined channel, Corio Bay declared Fish Habitat Area

Mangrove-lined channel, Corio Bay declared Fish Habitat Area


Corio Bay, 20 km north of Yeppoon.

Plan number

FHA-067 (PDF, 179.9KB)


4,652 ha

Management level


Declaration dates

16 March 1974 (original declaration)
22 May 2009 (redeclared to cadastral boundaries and to include adjoining fish habitats)

Local government

Livingstone Shire Council

Management features

Protection of habitats which support local recreational fisheries and banana prawns.

Habitat values

Extensive sandy shallows with areas of mangrove shrubland dominated by Rhizophora and Ceriops; rocky outcrops; seagrass beds on intertidal flats and extensive saltmarshes around Fishing Creek.

Fisheries values

Locally important recreational fishery, also Indigenous and commercial fishing; barramundi; blue salmon; bream; estuary cod; flathead; grunter; grey mackerel; jewfish; mangrove jack; queenfish; sea mullet; school mackerel; whiting; banana prawns; anguillid eels.

Other values

None presently identified.

Further references

Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation 2011, Inventory of Instream Structures Impacting on Ramsar Wetlands, 66 pp, Queensland Wetlands Program, Brisbane Queensland.