Ecotourism on parks

  • Provides information and resources for ecotourism in national parks.

  • The Queensland Eco and Sustainable Tourism (QuEST) initiative replaces the Tourism in Protected Area policy. QuEST builds on the previous policy to improve access and provide new opportunities in national parks and other protected areas for ecotourism operators.

  • Information on why tourism is important for Queensland and how the Queensland Government is supporting the ecotourism industry.

  • Information on how the Queensland Government is promoting ecotourism as a major part of the plan to grow tourism.

  • The objectives of the State's Ecotourism Trails program are to better protect, present and maintain our national parks and to work with Traditional Owner groups, councils, community and industry to create local jobs.

  • Commercial whale watching arrangements in Great Sandy and Moreton Bay Marine Parks include a fixed-base annual payment of $5000 (from 1 July 2013) which will increase each year with CPI and a eco-certification requirement.