Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Half Moon Creek

Half Moon Creek declared Fish Habitat Area

Half Moon Creek declared Fish Habitat Area


Half Moon Creek, 12 km north/north-west of Cairns.

Plan number

FHA-033 (PDF, 439.4KB)


216 ha

Management level


Declaration dates

14 March 1974 (original declaration)
18 January 1992 (redeclared to exclude a small area)
20 September 2001 (redeclared to cadastral boundaries)

Local government

Cairns Regional Council

Management features

Estuarine and wetlands buffer zone between urban subdivision, farmlands and beach front; significant contribution to local ecology and fisheries production.

Habitat values

Extensive stands of mangroves along creek; saltmarsh; sand flats; small bar zone.

Fisheries values

Recreational and Indigenous fishing; barramundi, blue salmon, bream, estuary cod, grunter, mangrove jack, queenfish, whiting, tiger prawns.

Other values

Adjacent freshwater wetlands.