Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Moreton Banks

Seagrass beds, Moreton Banks

Seagrass beds, Moreton Banks


South-western side of Moreton Island, south from Tangalooma Point, 30 km east/north-east of Brisbane.

Plan number

FHA-015 (PDF, 419.7KB)


6,318 ha

Management level


Declaration dates

23 January 1969 (original declaration)
24 July 1998 (redeclared to cadastral boundaries)

Local government

Brisbane City Council

Management features

Conservation and fisheries management of extensive public oyster grounds and fish hauling areas adjacent to settlement and access centre on southern end of Moreton Island; protection of seagrass for prawn habitat.

Habitat values

Offshore mangroves including Avicennia; sandy substrates with light/dense Zostera and Halophila beds and clear waters; offshore mangrove island and natural deep (up to 7 m) hole present.

Fisheries values

Public oyster grounds; established recreational and commercial fisheries; bream; cobia; blue salmon; estuary cod; flathead; garfish; jewfish; luderick; mangrove jack; school mackerel; sea mullet; snapper; spotted mackerel; tailor; whiting; mud and sand crabs; banana, bay and eastern king prawns; oysters.

Other values

Most important dugong habitat in Moreton Bay, marine turtle habitat.