Camping bookings and fees

    Camping bookings

    You must book and pay for a camping permit before you arrive at a camping area.

    Most bookings are made online through the Queensland National Parks Booking Service, and your permit is issued by email.

    Read the Queensland National Parks how to make a booking guide.

    Book now

    Book well in advance for popular spots

    It is recommended that you book well in advance (at least six weeks) for the most popular camping spots, especially during peak periods like public and school holidays. In some parks and forests, you can book up to 12 months in advance.

    You can browse our parks to search for camping areas by facility, accessibility, location and things to do such as bushwalks, picnics and fishing.

    Watch a video on how to find a campground.

    Making your booking

    • If booking online through the Queensland National Parks Booking Service and you’re a first-time user, you’ll need to create an account before completing your booking.
      Watch a video about creating an account.
    • Once booked, check your emails for a message with your booking number confirming that your camping or vehicle access permit has been confirmed and paid for. The notification will contain your camping and/or vehicle access tag/s, along with a Tax Invoice. You can also view the tag/s from Your Account view in the online system.
    • Print (or collect/create) your permit tag/s. If you are unable to print a permit tag you can collect one from nominated over-the-counter camping and vehicle access permit booking offices. If collection is not an option, write your booking number, surname and vehicle registration on a piece of paper, and place the paper in a clear, weatherproof bag. Bring a copy of your permit to display on your tent or recreational vehicle.

    Frequently asked questions

    Read frequently asked questions about making an online booking through Queensland National Parks Booking Service.

    Modifying your booking (changes, cancellations and refunds)

    We understand plans change and, with enough notice and if a site is available, you can often change your booking. Access your booking online if you would like to:

    • change camp site
    • change date and/or duration
    • request a refund
    • update registration number

    Modify booking

    Please note:

    • Bookings can’t be modified on the same day they were made. Wait until the payment has been fully processed to make any changes.
    • Modifications must be made more than two days prior to the start date.
    • When making changes, ensure that your contact details are current; specifically, your telephone number and email address.
    • Refunds must be requested more than two days prior to the start date.
    • All refund requests must be submitted within 28 days of the camping permit end date.
    • If you’ve already commenced your stay and need to cancel due to extenuating circumstances, you’re able to submit a refund request.
    • Our operational policy (PDF, 128.8KB) contains information about booking modifications and refunds.
    • Looking to change locations or extend your stay? Here is how you can modify your online camping booking.

      Looking to change locations or extend your stay? Here is how you can modify your online camping booking.

    Camping fees

    • $6.85 per person per night, or $27.40 per family per night
    • $3.75 per person per night for students and accompanying adults on approved educational excursions

    Family rate

    A family group is defined as one or two adults and accompanying children under 18, up to a total of eight people. Children under five years of age camp for free.

    Example one

    Group: two adults + three to six children
    Fees: one family
    Total fee = $27.40 per night

    Example two

    Group: three adults + five children
    Fees: one family ($27.40) + one adult ($6.85)
    Total fee = $34.25 per night

    Camping fees ready reckoner

    Number of nights Number of people
    1234567 One family
    1 $6.85 $13.70 $20.55 $27.40 $34.25 $41.10 $47.95 $27.40
    2 $13.70 $27.40 $41.10 $54.80 $68.50 $82.20 $95.90 $54.80
    3 $20.55 $41.10 $61.65 $82.20 $102.75 $123.30 $143.85 $82.20
    4 $27.40 $54.80 $82.20 $109.60 $137.00 $164.40 $191.80 $109.60
    5 $34.25 $68.50 $102.75 $137.00 $171.25 $205.50 $239.75 $137.00
    6 $41.10 $82.20 $123.30 $164.40 $205.50 $246.60 $287.70 $164.40
    7 $47.95 $95.90 $143.85 $191.80 $239.75 $287.70 $335.65 $191.80
    8 $54.80 $109.60 $164.40 $219.20 $274.00 $328.80 $383.60 $219.20
    9 $61.65 $123.30 $184.95 $246.60 $308.25 $369.90 $431.55 $246.60
    10 $68.50 $137.00 $205.50 $274.00 $342.50 $411.00 $479.50 $274.00

    All prices include GST.

    Gift cards

    An electronic gift card can be purchased for $25 or more. Once payment is successfully made, the gift card number will be emailed to your account email address.

    Gift cards can be used to pay for:

    • online camping permits
    • online vehicle access permits.

    Gift cards do not guarantee or reserve a place at camping areas as bookings are subject to availability. Customers with a gift card must have a valid camping permit before setting up camp. Gift cards are treated like cash and as such will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Gift card numbers purchased from 1 July 2019 are valid for 36 months from date of purchase. If cards purchased or issued as a refund are not used within this period, you are unable to exchange for other refund options.

    Purchase a gift card

    Permits for special groups

    Organised groups are able to request a special account—group account, educational account or commercial operator account—for pre-booking camping online.

    • Group accounts—holders of group accounts have access to the same camp sites as standard customers, as well as special group areas available in some parks and forests.
    • Educational accounts—holders of educational accounts have access to special use areas that are not available to other account types. Discounts also apply for these groups.
    • Commercial operator accounts—holders of commercial operator accounts have access to special use areas that are not available to other account types.

    To apply for a special account, complete a request form through the Queensland National Parks Booking Service or email Supporting documentation may be required to confirm eligibility for a special account.

    Customers requesting special account types are subject to an approval process. Once the account type is approved bookings are able to be made and confirmation emails will be sent to the customer. Invoices are issued in the month following the start date of the permit.

    Make a new booking

    If you cannot book through one of these channels, phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68). Mobile phone charges may apply.

    Read our frequently asked questions about making an online booking.