Camping bookings and fees

    How to book

    You must book and pay for your camping permit before you arrive at the camping area. You can book in several ways:

    Book well in advance for popular spots

    Tent camping amongst the trees at Girraween

    There is often high demand for some camping areas so book early to avoid disappointment.

    Photo credit: ©️ Lise Pedersen

    The most popular camping spots are in high demand, especially during peak periods like public and school holidays. For these sites we recommend booking at least six weeks in advance. In some parks and forests you can book up to 12 months in advance.

    The other option is to camp in an off-peak time, or at a less popular park.

    Camping fees

    From 1 July 2020, fees for camping permits in our national parks and other protected areas, forest reserves, state forests and recreation areas are:

    • $6.75 per person per night, or $27.00 per family per night;
    • $3.70 per person per night for students and accompanying adults on approved educational excursions.

    Family rate

    A family group is defined as one or two adults and accompanying children under 18, up to a total of eight people. Children under five years of age camp for free.

    Example one

    Group: two adults + three to six children
    Fees: one family
    Total fee = $27.00 per night

    Example two

    Group: three adults + five children
    Fees: one family ($27.00) + one adult ($6.75)
    Total fee = $33.75 per night

    Camping fees ready reckoner

    Number of nights Number of people
    1234567 One family
    1 $6.75 $13.50 $20.25 $27.00 $33.75 $40.50 $47.25 $27.00
    2 $13.50 $27.00 $40.50 $54.00 $67.50 $81.00 $94.50 $54.00
    3 $20.25 $40.50 $60.75 $81.00 $101.25 $121.50 $141.75 $81.00
    4 $27.00 $54.00 $81.00 $108.00 $135.00 $162.00 $189.00 $108.00
    5 $33.75 $67.50 $101.25 $135.00 $168.75 $202.50 $236.25 $135.00
    6 $40.50 $81.00 $121.50 $162.00 $202.50 $243.00 $283.50 $162.00
    7 $47.25 $94.50 $141.75 $189.00 $236.25 $283.50 $330.75 $189.00
    8 $54.00 $108.00 $162.00 $216.00 $270.00 $324.00 $378.00 $216.00
    9 $60.75 $121.50 $182.25 $243.00 $303.75 $364.50 $425.25 $243.00
    10 $67.50 $135.00 $202.50 $270.00 $337.50 $405.00 $472.50 $270.00

    All prices include GST.

    Gift cards

    An electronic gift card can be purchased for $25 or more. Once payment is successfully made, the gift card number will be emailed to your account email address.

    Gift cards can be used to pay for:

    • online camping permits
    • online vehicle access permits.

    Gift cards do not guarantee or reserve a place at camping areas as bookings are subject to availability. Customers with a gift card must have a valid camping permit before setting up camp. Gift cards are treated like cash and as such will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Gift card numbers purchased from 1 July 2019 are valid for 36 months from date of purchase. Gift cards purchased before 1 July 2019 are valid for 24 months from date of purchase.

    Purchase a gift card.

    Using the booking service

    The national parks camping booking system has been improved so that increasing demand for camping can be better managed, resulting in better camping experiences for park visitors.

    The service allows park managers to set and manage camping area visitor capacities, and alert campers if a camping area is full or inaccessible.

    On first use, the system requires customers to register an account. During registration, mandatory fields for personal information will be highlighted. All details are secured in accordance with Queensland information security standards and privacy legislation.

    Watch the short videos below to find out how you can create a camping account, how to find a camping area and how to make an online camping booking.

    • Find out how to easily create a Queensland Government online camping account here.

      Find out how to easily create a Queensland Government online camping account here.

    Why have bookings?

    The booking system provides camper contact details and occupancy numbers for camping areas. This helps to:

    • ensure campers get the spot they booked
    • are notified of severe weather events, cyclones and other natural disasters where campers may need to be warned or evacuated
    • prevent overcrowding, which can be detrimental to the enjoyment of visitors and to the environment.

    Booking number and camping tags

    When you book your camp site or purchase a vehicle access permit you’ll receive a booking number confirming that your permit has been booked and paid for. This booking number, your surname and your vehicle registration must be displayed on a camping tag or vehicle tag and affixed to your camping structure, or placed on the front dashboard of your vehicle. Park rangers will check your camping tag to confirm your stay at the camping area, and your vehicle access tag to ensure you are permitted to drive in a recreation area.

    If you book your camp site or buy your vehicle permit online, an online camping and/or vehicle access tag will be issued at the time of your booking. You will receive the tag/s in your confirmation email, along with a Tax Invoice. You can also view the tag/s from Your Account view.

    You should print the tag/s and display the tag on your camping structure or in your vehicle as outlined on the tag.

    If you are unable to print a permit tag you can collect one from nominated over-the-counter camping and vehicle access permit booking offices. The pre-printed tags require you to enter your booking number, surname and vehicle registration as well as the arrival/start date and/or departure/expiry date of your permit.

    If you are unable to print or collect a tag, write your booking number, surname and vehicle registration on a piece of paper, place the paper in a clear, weatherproof bag and clearly display it on your camping structure, or place on your vehicle’s dashboard on the lower left hand side so it can be viewed through the windscreen.

    Camping and vehicle access tags will not be posted out to you.

    Over-the-counter booking offices

    Over-the-counter camping and vehicle access permit booking offices located throughout Queensland, allow campers to purchase camping and vehicle access permits, most open 7 days a week.

    Permits for special groups

    Organised groups are able to request a special account—group account, educational account or commercial operator account—for pre-booking camping online.

    • Group accounts—holders of group accounts have access to the same camp sites as standard customers.
    • Educational accounts—holders of educational accounts have access to special use areas that are not available to other account types. Discounts also apply for these groups.
    • Commercial operator accounts—holders of commercial operator accounts have access to special use areas that are not available to other account types.

    To apply for a special account, complete a request form through the Queensland National Parks Booking Service, or email Supporting documentation may be required to confirm eligibility for a special account.

    Bookings made by special account holders are subject to approval, an invoice and permit number will not be issued until the booking is approved.

    Change your booking

    Alterations, cancellations and refunds

    We understand plans change and, with enough notice and if a site is available, you can often change your booking. If you're cancelling we can sometimes give you a refund but it's not guaranteed. Find out more from the operational policy (PDF, 132.6KB) .

    Watch the short video below to find out how you can modify your camping booking.

    • Looking to change locations or extend your stay? Here is how you can modify your online camping booking.

      Looking to change locations or extend your stay? Here is how you can modify your online camping booking.

    Modify your booking on the online booking service.