Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - De-ral-li (Calliope River) Fish Habitat Area

Calliope River, 6km north of Calliope, 12km south west of Clyde Creek, Calliope River Gladstone.

Plan number

FHA-075 (PDF, 990.9KB)



Management level


Declaration date

30 September 2016 (original declaration).

Local government

Gladstone Regional Council.

Management features

Protection of high quality estuarine fisheries habitat; protection of nursery and grow-out habitat whilst allowing adjacent landholders the ability to seek approval for limited private infrastructure such as jetties and boat ramps.

Habitat values

Mangrove lined estuarine waterways, saltpan and saltmarsh and rocky outcrops; essential for the provision of shelter, feeding, breeding and nursery areas.

Fisheries values

Commercial, recreational and Indigenous fisheries resources; barramundi; threadfin salmon; penaeid prawns; mangrove jack; mud crab and sea mullet.

Other values

Calliope River does not contain an instream waterway barrier (i.e. dam or weir).

Further references

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