Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Wreck Creek

Wreck Creek declared Fish Habitat Area

Wreck Creek declared Fish Habitat Area


Wreck Creek and foreshore/coastal waters outside mouth, 8 km north/north-west of Cardwell.

Plan number

FHA-041 (PDF, 522.9KB)  


1,252 ha

Management level


Declaration dates

19 November 1983 (original declaration)
21 September 2001 (redeclared to cadastral boundaries, and to include adjoining fish habitats and to connect with Dallachy Creek declared Fish Habitat Area)

Local government

Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Management features

Protection of barramundi nursery habitat in upper reaches; cooperative management with Traditional Owners.

Habitat values

Extensive rhizophora stands associated with estuary; subtidal and intertidal flats, vegetated and unvegetated salt flats.

Fisheries values

Important recreational fishing area; barramundi; blue salmon; bream; estuary cod; grey mackerel; grunter; mangrove jack; queenfish; school mackerel; whiting.

Other values

Adjoining Melaleuca forests.