Declared Fish Habitat Area Network Assessment

2017 Assessment Report

The 2017 report assessed the status of the declared Fish Habitat Area (FHA) network as a whole in 2017 by documenting key changes, knowledge gained and management activities across the network since the last assessment in 2012.

The report identifies the following key findings and changes to the declared FHA network between 2012 and 2017:

  • an expanded declared FHA network, with two additional FHAs declared and an increase in size by 49,500 hectares
  • effective protection of declared FHAs, with little development occurring
  • better planning integration with declared FHAs now a Matter of State Environmental Significance
  • improved partnerships with other government agencies and Traditional Owners
  • enhanced compliance activities, with priority FHAs targeted
  • new and improved policies and statutory documents
  • ongoing communications strategies.

Declared Fish Habitat Area Network Assessment Report 2017 (PDF, 4.7MB)

2012 Assessment Report

This report documented the status of the Declared FHA Network as at June 2012. It was an initiative of the Declared Fish Habitat Area Network Strategy 2009–14.

Each declared FHA was given a ‘traffic light’ rating corresponding to a priority for action:

  • Red = high priority.
  • Yellow = medium priority.
  • Green = low priority.

Specific management actions were recommended for each declared FHA.

Overall the declared FHA network was assessed to be in good condition, with no 'red' declared FHAs. Most declared FHAs had good fish habitat diversity and associated fisheries activity, which reflects the importance of these two key attributes in the selection of areas for FHA declaration.

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