Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - West Hill

West Hill declared Fish Habitat Area

West Hill declared Fish Habitat Area


Yarrawonga Point/Marion Creek south to Flaggy Rock Creek including West Hill Island and adjacent coastal waters, around 80 km south-east of Mackay.

Plan number

FHA-039 (PDF, 458.6KB)


17,546 ha
6,482 ha management A
11,064 ha management B

Management level

A and B

Declaration dates

22 November 1986 (original declaration)
22 May 2009 (redeclared and combined with Carmila and Marion Fish Habitat Areas)

Local government

Isaac Regional Council

Management features

Protection of important fish habitat; Marion and Carmila sections (management B) provide a wetlands buffer zone from rural development for the West Hill section (management A).

Habitat values

Extensive mangrove stands, tending towards patchiness around Feather Creek; extensive saltmarshes and intertidal flats; salt flats also present; Zostera and Halophila beds.

Fisheries values

Protection of commercial and recreational fisheries for barramundi and mud crabs; barramundi; blue salmon; bream; estuary cod; flathead; grey mackerel; grunter; mangrove jack; queenfish; sea mullet; school mackerel; whiting; mud crab.

Other values

Fringing inshore reef.