Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Peel Island

Peel Island declared Fish Habitat Area

Peel Island declared Fish Habitat Area


Peel, Bird and Goat islands west of Dunwich on North Stradbroke Island, 9 km east of Brisbane.

Plan number

FHA-010 (PDF, 395.8KB)


1,571 ha

Management level


Declaration dates

12 June 1971 (original declaration)
24 July 1998 (redeclared to cadastral boundaries)

Local government

Redland City Council

Management features

Fish habitat protection.

Habitat values

High habitat connectivitiy; fringing mangroves dominated by Avicennia with Rhizophora; sand foreshores; submerged coral reef; shoals; sparse/dense Zostera and Halophila beds.

Fisheries values

Coral reef habitat directly supporting recreational, commercial and Indigenous fisheries; bream, cobia; flathead; garfish; school mackerel; snapper; spotted mackerel; sea mullet; sweetlip; tailor; tuskfish; various emperor species; whiting;, oysters; marine aquarium fish; mud and sand crabs; banana; eastern king and bay prawns.

Other values

Protects important marine turtle and dugong habitats; is a popular area for boating day trips in Moreton Bay.