Park accessibility

Limited vision or mobility need not prevent you from visiting Queensland’s national parks if you choose from our most accessible parks.

Some of the most beautiful moments to be had within a Queensland national park or State forest do not require full vision or mobility, and can easily be enjoyed by the very young, much older visitors and visitors with disability.

We are continually working to improve facilities and accessibility in our parks and forests for visitors with vision impairment or limits to their mobility, and for families with prams and strollers. Improved features include level walking tracks, wide boardwalks and lookouts, as well as wheelchair- pram- and stroller-accessible toilets, camp sites, picnic areas and barbecues.

While not all facilities meet Australian standards, many are suitable for visitors in wheelchairs with someone to assist them.

Some walking tracks have tactile indicators for visitors with a vision impairment.

A selection of accessible park experiences

Wheelchair-accessible parks

Search our website to find parks and forests with wheelchair accessible facilities in Queensland.

Guide, hearing and assistance dogs in parks

Visitors with certified guide, hearing and assistance dogs are welcome in all public areas of Queensland’s parks and forests. There's helpful information about certified guide, hearing and assistance dogs in our operational policy Certified support dogs and assistance animals in QPWS managed areas.