Visual recording devices

Visual recording devices—such as surveillance cameras—are used in Queensland’s parks and forests for a variety of purposes, mostly related to environmental protection and compliance.

Visual recording devices are any equipment used to observe and record vision (images or video footage). The devices can be temporary or fixed and include:

  • closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV)
  • automatic number plate recognition cameras
  • body-worn video cameras, i.e. GoPro
  • hand-held cameras, i.e. tablets and smart-phones
  • unmanned aerial vehicles, i.e. drones.

These recording devices are tools used by rangers and other authorised officers for several purposes, including compliance, search and rescue, disaster mapping and management, scientific research, wildlife monitoring and environmental exploration and protection.

Where visual data collected includes personal information (i.e. vision of individuals and/or their property), the department adheres to its responsibilities under the Information Privacy Act 2009. This means that the department will not otherwise use or disclose your personal information without your consent unless authorised or required by law.

Learn more about personal information held by the department and your privacy rights under the Information Privacy Act 2009.


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