Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Maroochy

Eudlo Creek, Maroochy declared Fish Habitat Area

Eudlo Creek, Maroochy declared Fish Habitat Area


Parts of Maroochy River, Eudlo Creek, Petrie Creek and Coolum Creek north of Maroochydore.

Plan number

FHA -008 revision 1 (PDF, 2.1MB)


790 ha

176 ha management A

614 ha management B

Management level

A and B

Declaration dates

16 March 1974 (original declaration of Maroochy River Fish Habitat Reserve)
17 November 1983 (original declaration of Maroochy Wetland Reserve)
13 August 1999 (redeclared to cadastral boundaries, the two Maroochy areas combined)
5 September 2014 (exclusions around Cooks Road, removal of Boggy Creek, tidal lands of Eudlo Creek and Coolum Creek Regional Parks reinstated)

Local government

Sunshine Coast Council

Management features

Management of recreational fishing area within relatively undisturbed estuarine landscape; important juvenile and adult fish habitat; limited habitat modification (runnels) for mosquito control; sugar cane, residential (including revetments) and open space areas on some adjacent lands.

Habitat values

Scattered Rhizophora, Bruguiera and Avicennia mangroves with areas of saltmarsh on Maroochy River northern shore; Achrostichum speciosum (mangrove fern) on Maroochy River southern shore; small sparsely-vegetated sandbanks; well established closed mangrove forests in Coolum Creek Regional Park.

Fisheries values

Important recreational fishing area; Australian bass; bream; estuary cod; blue salmon; flathead; garfish; jewfish; luderick; mangrove jack; sea mullet; tailor; whiting; banana prawns; mud crabs; school, greasyback, eastern king and bay prawns.

Other values

Popular recreation area, habitats support populations of the vulnerable water mouse (Xeromys myoides).

September 2014.