Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Baffle Creek

Baffle Creek declared Fish Habitat Area

Baffle Creek declared Fish Habitat Area


Baffle Creek and tributaries, 58 km north-west of Bundaberg.

Plan number

FHA-031 (PDF, 1.0MB)


2,320 ha

Management level


Declaration dates

21 September 2001 (original declaration)

Local government

Gladstone Regional Council

Management features

Protection of highly connected, near pristine estuarine and riverine fish habitats that support recreational and commercial fisheries; region experiencing increasing urbanisation.

Habitat values

Mangrove forests with at least nine species; small patches of Halophila seagrass; intertidal sand, gravel and mud banks; rock bars.

Fisheries values

Recreational and commercial fisheries; barramundi; king salmon flathead; bream; mangrove jack; whiting; mullet; estuary cod; mud crabs and various prawn species.

Unique features

One of the few river systems in the region unimpeded by weirs or dams, providing uninterrupted connectivity between estuarine and freshwater habitats; nationally recognised as having one of the few near pristine estuaries in South East Queensland.

Other values

None presently identified.