D'Aguilar National Park Brisbane

For a scenic 4WD adventure with sensational views, explore the Western Escarpment forest drive. Photo credit: © Jennifer Allan

D'Aguilar National Park is a breathtaking escape from the city! Photo credit: Maxime Coquard © Queensland Government

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Western Escarpment forest drive

Enjoy a short, scenic drive through eucalypt forest along the western escarpment with stunning views from the Somerset lookout.

Journey type
4WD, trail bike
14km circuit The same start and finish point, but the traveller doesn’t return along the same path
Time suggested
Allow 1hr driving time

Accessible by

  • 4WD

Journey facilities

  • Lookout (natural)
  • Scenic drive
  • Trail bike riding

Starting from The Gantry in the northern section of D'Aguilar National Park, this forest drive is perfect for a short trail bike or 4WD adventure. Motor along a scenic 14km loop, past twisted scribbly gums and along the beautiful, forested western escarpment.

Stretch your legs at Somerset lookout, roughly halfway along the drive, where spectacular views west over Lake Somerset and Lake Wivenhoe will take your breath away. It is recommended for four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles during dry weather only.

Read on for more information about the park's 4WD and trail bike road network.

Getting there and getting around

The Western escarpment forest drive is in the North D'Aguilar section of D'Aguilar National Park, about 70km from Brisbane city.

  • The drive starts from The Gantry.
  • You will need a 4WD or trail bike to access this forest drive. The maximum speed limit on forest roads is 40km/hr and all road rules apply.
  • Read 4WD with care for important information on 4WD safety and minimal impact driving.
  • Be aware of horseriders and walkers who might share or cross the roads.
  • Read trail bike ride with care for tips on riding safely and riding with care.

From the south

  • Drive 24km from Dayboro via Mount Mee Road (tourist route number 29) and Sellin Road to the park's entrance.
  • Continue 920m to The Gantry. The road to The Gantry is suitable for conventional (2WD) vehicles, however to continue on the forest drive you will need a 4WD or trail bike.

From the north

  • You will need a 4WD or trail bike to access the park from the north.
  • Drive 17km from Woodford via the D'Aguilar Highway, Neurum, Stanton and Rassmussen roads to the park's northern entrance
  • Continue south along the Mount Mee forest drive to The Gantry.

Wheelchair access

There are no wheelchair-accessible facilities on this drive. The closest wheelchair-accessible facilities are located at The Gantry day-use area.

Before you visit

Opening hours

Western Escarpment forest drive is open 24 hours a day.

Check park alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.

Visiting safely

For more safety information see: