Trail-bike ride with care

Trail-bike riding is a popular way to enjoy the outdoors. With proper planning and care, you can have a safe and exciting ride in a number of Queensland’s national parks and forests, where trail-bikes are allowed.

    Rules you need to know

    • All Queensland road rules apply—police patrol anywhere, anytime.
      • Riders must have a valid licence.
      • Bikes must be fully registered.
      • Conditionally-registered bikes for recreational use are not permitted.
    • Obey all signs, road and track closures and restrictions.
    • Trail-bikes are not permitted on walking tracks.
    • Make sure trail-bike riding is allowed at the park, forest or timber reserve you are visiting. Trail-bikes are only allowed on some roads.

    Ride with care

    • Ride smart, ride safe and ride in the right place.
    • When choosing where to ride, know your limits and be realistic about your abilities.
    • Wear the right safety gear and know the limits of your bike.
    • Watch out for other road users, wildlife and vehicles.
    • Respect park neighbours, lease holders and other visitors—make sure the noise and dust from your riding does not upset other people.
    • Be prepared for difficulties that could be encountered in remote areas and in rough terrain.
    • Always let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.
    • Do not skid and slide around turns and down slopes—this can cause collisions with others and damages the trail.
    • Stop erosion by not riding on soft, wet and muddy roads.
    • Help protect our parks and forests by ensuring you do not carry plant seeds, soil or pests in footwear, clothing, vehicles and gear.
    • Stay on marked roads. Do not take shortcuts or form new tracks as this damages the environment and causes erosion.

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