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Drink in spectacular views over the northern Ramparts and west to the Darling Downs. Photo credit: © Janette Asche

Impressive mountain peaks, escarpments and ridges offer breathtaking views. Photo credit: © Janette Asche

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Bare Rock track and Morgans walk

Trek through high-altitude cool-temperate rainforest to magnificent views spanning the northern Ramparts and Darling Downs.

Journey type
6.8km return Start and finish points are the same and the traveller must return via the same path
Time suggested
Allow 4.5hrs walking time.
Grade 4 walking track

Accessible by

  • Conventional vehicle

Journey facilities

  • Lookout (natural)
  • Toilets (non-flush)
  • Walking

You’ll walk through lush rainforest as you navigate the western side of the Mount Cordeaux peak. Stop at the natural vantage points along the way and take in the expansive views in all directions. The forest clears as you cross a rocky saddle to the north and then it’s a short scramble to the top of Bare Rock, 1168m above sea level, and views over the northern section of the park including the Ramparts in the north, and west to the Darling Downs.

Explore Morgans walk on you way back. This 700m return sidetrack ends in a beautiful grove of montane heath and is well worth the detour.

This park is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, famed for its ongoing geological processes, evolutionary history, and diversity (especially of rare, threatened and endemic species).

Getting there and getting around

The Bare Rock track and Morgans walk are in the Cunningham Gap section of Main Range National Park, about 120km south-west of Brisbane.

  • The Bare Rock track starts at the end of the Mount Cordeaux track. Morgans walk is a short offshoot.

Getting to the Cunninghams Gap section

  • From Brisbane drive 116km south-west on the Cunningham Highway.
  • From Warwick drive 50km east on the Cunningham Highway to Cunninghams Gap.

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Wheelchair access

There are no wheelchair-accessible facilities.

Before you visit

Opening hours

Bare Rock track and Morgans walk is open 24 hours a day.

Check park alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.

Visiting safely

For more safety information see Visiting Main Range safely and Walk with care.