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Lush rainforest, ancient trees and stunning waterfalls make Lamington National Park an outstanding place to visit! Photo credit: Nick Hill © Queensland Government

Frequently asked questions

    'O'Reilly', isn't that spelt 'O'Reilly's'?

    No. The name 'O'Reilly' is a placename for the western side of the Lamington Plateau, while the placename for the eastern side is 'Binna Burra'. 'Green Mountains' is the park section name for the western side of Lamington National Park and 'Binna Burra' is the name of the eastern side of the park.

    'O'Reilly's' is the name of the private property owned by the O'Reilly family who own and manage O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat.

    Where is O'Reilly's?

    O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat is the privately-owned resort, located at the end of Lamington National Park Road on the western side of Lamington Plateau. See the Green Mountains section map (PDF, 542.1KB) for more details.

    Weather at Green Mountains (O'Reilly)

    How cold does it get at Green Mountains (O'Reilly)?

    Green Mountains (O'Reilly) is on average 5°C cooler than Brisbane. Extreme winter temperatures can get below 0°C. Frosts can occur.

    What about rain?

    See climate and weather for details.

    Where can I check the weather forecast?

    Weather forecasts are available from the Bureau of Meteorology. Once at Green Mountains (O'Reilly) you can check weather conditions at the national park's information centre.


    Where can I get a map of the walking tracks?

    Collect a copy of the Lamington National Park Guide that includes detailed walking track information from the national park's information centre before setting out on a walk. The display panels in the centre and at the start of the Border Track also provide walk descriptions.

    When does the rainforest open?

    The rainforest is always open. However for your safety it is recommended that you only walk during daylight hours. Choose walks that you are able to complete before it gets dark. As a general rule make sure you finish your walk an hour before sunset—remember that a rainforest can get dark very quickly towards the end of the day and earlier in the afternoon during winter.

    Are there guided ranger walks?

    No regular Queensland Park and Wildlife Service ranger guided walks provided. Rangers do conduct walks for schools, universities and interest groups on a prearranged basis. Green Mountains Natural History Association volunteers do conduct walks on special occasions. For more information please contact the Green Mountains Natural History Association.

    Can I drink the water?

    Water in all camping area taps and water taken from creeks within the national park should be treated before drinking as a precautionary measure.

    How do I organise a remote bush camping permit?

    Lamington National Park has a small number of designated remote camp sites to choose from. Each site has a limit on the number of campers permitted to camp at these sites. This is necessary to ensure sites are not degraded.

    To book a remote bush camp site, book online or learn about our camping booking options.

    Your bush camping permit number is your permit to camp in these remote bush camp sites. If sites are fully booked, you will have to reschedule your camping nights.


    How high is Green Mountains (O'Reilly)?

    The park's information centre is approximately 935m above sea level. Other areas of Lamington National Park reach almost 1,200m above sea level.

    Where will I see most wildlife?

    Part of the charm of walking in Lamington National Park is that you never know what you might see! Be observant; use binoculars if you have them; keep group sizes small; and keep noise to a minimum.

    Can I feed the birds and animals?

    National park visitors must not feed the wildlife. There is an abundance of natural food for them and it is more suitable. Find out more about the detrimental effects of feeding birds and animals by reading the posters on display in the camping area and at the park's information centre. Ensure all foodstuffs are secured, especially at night.

    Should I be concerned about snakes?

    Snakes tend to be observed more in the warmer spring and summer months. Always take extreme caution and never attempt to pick up any type of reptile. The rule to remember is that snakes have right of way!

    The two most commonly seen reptiles are carpet pythons and land mullets. Carpet pythons are non-venomous but are capable of giving a painful bite that may get infected unless given appropriate first-aid treatment. Land mullets are often mistaken for snakes because of their shiny black appearance. They are a non-venomous lizard and reputed to be the largest skink in the world.

    In the unlikely event of being bitten by a snake, apply a pressure immobilisation bandage, avoid moving the patient and seek medical attention immediately. Note: there have been few reported snakebites in Lamington National Park since 1915 and none have been fatal. It is sensible to carry a first-aid kit and never walk alone.

    What can I do to prevent leeches?

    Leeches are common in rainforest particularly after rain. They are not dangerous and can be pulled or flicked off with few effects other than severe itching and sometimes local irritation of the skin. The bite will bleed for some time due to an anti-clogging agent that the leech injects. An analgesic cream will ease the itch. To prevent leech bites wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers, a hat and apply insect repellent to exposed skin before walking. Another good idea is to rub repellent on feet (and even shoes) before putting on footwear.

    Will I get ticks?

    Ticks tend to live in dry, forested areas with a grassy understorey. However, during very dry weather periods, people have reported the occasional tick while walking on some of the rainforest walking tracks. Please use the recommended method for tick removal. If the person becomes ill, seek medical attention promptly. Avoid ticks by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long trousers, hats and shoes. Apply insect repellent on exposed skin.

    Can I swim in the park?

    Lamington's sensitive waterways are not suitable for swimming. They are habitat for a number of endangered and vulnerable frog species. Please read how to be frog friendly. Please read staying safe for more information on visiting Lamington National Park.


    Where's the O'Reilly's campground?

    The 'O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat' is the commercial resort located on private land surrounded by the Green Mountains section of Lamington National Park. O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat will operate the camping area within Green Mountains section from late 2020 and it will be known as 'O'Reilly's Campground'.

    More information about the Green Mountains Camping Area Ecotourism Revitalisation Project is available.

    Is there a tree top or canopy walk at Green Mountains (O'Reilly)?

    The Tree Top Walk (or Canopy Walk) is located on privately-owned land belonging to O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat and was built by the Green Mountains and Lamington Natural History Associations. Campers and day visitors are welcome to experience this walk. The O'Reilly's Botanical Garden is also located adjacent to the Tree Top Walk. There are no charges for these activities.

    Can I buy ice, gas, bread and milk while camping at Green Mountains (O'Reilly)?

    Gran's General Store is part of the privately-owned O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat and provides basic provisions such as ice, butane gas for small portable burners, bread, milk and other simple grocery items for campers. There is also a bistro for daytime meals and a souvenir shop. Canungra is the closest local town. It is 36km north of the camping area. Drivers should allow 45min one way.

    Binna Burra

    Where is Binna Burra in relation to Green Mountains (O'Reilly)?

    Binna Burra section of Lamington National Park is located to the east of Green Mountains section. Allow 80min to drive between the two sections.

    The Border Track (21.4km one way) connects the Green Mountains and Binna Burra sections of Lamington National Park

    How do I book a camp site at Binna Burra?

    The commercially managed resort at Binna Burra—Binna Burra Mountain Lodge—manages the campground located at Binna Burra and all bookings must be made by contacting them in advance. This campground can accommodate caravans. They also offer powered sites, on-site tents for hire, a laundry and campfires.