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Bush camping summary

Remote bush camping

Limited bush camp sites are available in remote areas of Lamington National Park between February and November. All remote bush camping sites are closed from 1 December to 31 January.

These can only be reached by walking using either a topographic map or GPS. Remote bushwalking in Lamington National Park requires special skills.

Bushwalkers must:

  • have a high level of physical fitness, navigational skills, and bush sense
  • be well prepared.

Group size is limited between 4 and 8 campers per night per site. Bush camping requires good bush skills, minimal impact practices and thorough preparation.

Bush camping—on-track sites

On-track bush camp sites are located beside the walking tracks and are greater than a 2hr walk from a trailhead. Walking times listed are approximate and one way only. Read and consider important general information about remote bush camping before you book your site.

Bush camp sites can only be booked for a maximum of one night per group, per site.

Bush camping—off-track remote sites

The following remote bush camp sites are located off-track and predominately in the southern section of Lamington National Park. The rough trails in this remote area of the park are not marked and are often hard to follow due to false trails and tree falls. These trails should only be undertaken by fit, experienced bushwalkers with good navigational skills and equipment. Topographic maps and compass and the ability to use them are essential. GPS, EPIRB (or PLB) are highly recommended.

Read and consider important general information about remote bush camping before you book your site.

Distances given are approximate walking times from major trailheads and are one way only.