Lamington National Park Brisbane | Gold Coast

From the lookout watch Coomera and Yarrabilgong falls cascade into the gorge below. Photo credit: Nicholas Hill © Queensland Government

Lush rainforest, ancient trees and stunning waterfalls make Lamington National Park an outstanding place to visit! Photo credit: Nick Hill © Queensland Government

Coomera circuit

Dense forests, creek crossings, waterfalls, gorges and cliffs are just a few of the stunning features on this spectacular walk.

Journey type
17.4km circuit The same start and finish point, but the traveller doesn’t return along the same path
Time suggested
Allow about 7hr walking time.
Grade 4 walking track

Accessible by

  • Conventional vehicle

Journey facilities

  • Lookout (constructed)
  • Walking

We recommend walking this circuit anticlockwise.

The scenic Coomera circuit leaves the Border Track 1.9km from the Binna Burra trailhead and passes through subtropical and warm temperate rainforest communities, and giant brush box Lophostemon confertus forest. Walk up to the spectacular cantilevered Coomera Falls lookout (5.5km from the trailhead) and witness the power of the Coomera River as it cascades over the magnificent Coomera and Yarrabilgong falls into the 160m deep gorge.

From the lookout, continue to ascend along the edge of Coomera Gorge, following the Coomera River past a series of other lovely cascades and waterfalls. See if you can spot bright blue and white Lamington spiny crayfish along the way. Cross the river several times before rejoining the Border Track and returning to the Binna Burra trailhead.

This park is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, famed for its ongoing geological processes, evolutionary history, and diversity (especially of rare, threatened and endemic species).

Warning: this circuit has several river crossings that involve stepping from rock to rock. This can be hazardous after heavy rain. Do not attempt to cross the river when it is flooding or during heavy rain—you may get caught between river or creek crossings. Heavy rains can cause flash flooding, where a huge volume of water can suddenly wash down the gullies, creeks and rivers.

Getting there and getting around

The Coomera circuit is in the Binna Burra section of Lamington National Park 110km south of Brisbane.

For more details on how to get to Lamington National Park, please see getting there and getting around.

Wheelchair accessibility

This circuit is not wheelchair accessible. There are wheelchair-accessible toilets at the national park’s Information Centre and picnic tables at the Binna Burra lower day-use area. The Binna Burra upper day-use area has wheelchair-accessible picnic tables and toilets.

Before you visit

Opening hours

Coomera circuit is open 24 hours a day.

Check park alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.

Visiting safely

For more safety information see Visiting Lamington safely and Walk with care.