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The West Canungra Creek circuit descends to the tranquil 'Yerralahla' (Blue Pool). Photo credit: Lightcapturer © Queensland Government

Lush rainforest, ancient trees and stunning waterfalls make Lamington National Park an outstanding place to visit! Photo credit: Nick Hill © Queensland Government

West Canungra Creek circuit

Spend a few hours exploring the tranquil waters of Yerralahla (Blue Pool) and the gorgeous West Canungra Creek.

Journey type
13.9km circuit The same start and finish point, but the traveller doesn’t return along the same path
Time suggested
Allow about 5.5hrs walking time
Grade 4 walking track
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Accessible by

  • Conventional vehicle
  • Bicycle

Journey facilities

  • Walking

Due to gradient, we recommend you walk this circuit clockwise.

From the trailhead in the Green Mountains day-use area follow the Border Trackfor about 600m before branching off onto the West Canungra Creek circuit track. Descend past Darraboola Falls, through lush rainforest dotted with red cedar Toona ciliate, to West Canungra Creek and the tranquil waters of 'Yerralahla' (blue pool). Follow the creek for most of its length, crossing it several times by rock-hopping across water-worn boulders.

Take time to look in the ripples and deeper pools for eels, fish and bright blue Lamington spiny crayfish, and keep an eye out for snakes warming on sun-touched boulders. On overcast summer days you might even see a Border Ranges leaf-tailed gecko laying camouflaged on a tree trunk. This gecko is endemic to the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area. Fossilised ancestors of this species from over 20 million years ago have been found in the World Heritage-listed Australian Fossil Mammal sites (Riversleigh).

The trail eventually joins up with the Box Forest circuit and nearly 14km later you’ll be back in the day-use area.

This park is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, famed for its ongoing geological processes, evolutionary history, and diversity (especially of rare, threatened and endemic species).

Warning: take care at creek crossing as they may be difficult to navigate, especially after rain, and the track might not be obvious in places. Look for orange directional arrows at the creek crossings to navigate the circuit. Check track conditions with a ranger before you leave. Also, eels inhabit the West Canungra Creek. They bite when threatened and injuries have occurred.

Getting there and getting around

The West Canungra Creek circuit is in the Green Mountains section of Lamington National Park, 110km south of Brisbane.

Getting to Lamington

The park has two sections—Green Mountains and Binna Burra. The Green Mountains section is on the western side of the Lamington Plateau in an area called O'Reilly. The Binna Burra section encompasses the rest of the park to the east. There is no public transport to the park and getting taxis and ride share operators to pick up from the park can be difficult.

Green Mountains section

From Broadbeach, drive 40km to Canungra via Nerang. From the north, take Pacific Motorway exit 34 to Beenleigh, route 92 to Tamborine, and route 90 to Canungra. The 36km winding, and often narrow, bitumen road from Canungra requires care and takes at least 50min.

Wheelchair access

There are no wheelchair-accessible facilities.

Before you visit

Opening hours

West Canungra Creek circuit is open 24 hours a day.

Check park alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.

Visiting safely

For more safety information see Visiting Lamington safely and Walk with care.