K'gari (Fraser Island), Great Sandy National Park Butchulla Country Fraser Coast

Critical information for your safety

Critical information for your safety is included in the conditions report—always check it before you visit.

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Park specific conditions

Permits required

Vehicle access permits must be purchased for every vehicle before entering K'gari.

Camping permits for QPWS&P camping areas are required and must be purchased before setting up campfees apply.

  • When making your booking, you will need to know the name for the camping zone or area you are booking. You must stipulate the place and dates you intend to camp. You cannot camp elsewhere during that period unless you amend your booking beforehand.
  • A camping permit booking number must be clearly displayed at your camp site.
  • Camping bookings can be made up to 6 months in advance, which is strongly advised during peak periods—school holidays and public holidays.
  • Collect your permit tag and visitor information from one of the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Partnerships offices or permit issuing agents.
  • Permits cannot be purchased from rangers on the island.
  • As mobile phone reception on K'gari can be unreliable QPWS&P suggests purchasing your camping permit prior to arriving on the island from www.qld.gov.au/camping or visiting a permit issuing centre.

Park-specific conditions

The camping structures of all people registered under a booking must be in one location and not more than 3m apart.

Plan your drive! Driving on K'gari can be difficult and travel times may be considerably longer than expected. Be sure to take into account the following factors when planning where to camp:

  • Access and distances to camping areas—book a site that you can get to easily and within daylight hours.
  • Speed limits and driving conditions—consider factors that may lengthen your journey time.
  • Tide times—some driving routes are only accessible two hours either side of low tide.
  • For further information, please refer to the conditions report (PDF, 733.7KB) .

Open campfires are prohibited (PDF, 73.2KB) on K'gari (Fraser Island) except in the communal, QPWS&P-provided fire rings at Dundubara, Waddy Point (top) and Waddy Point (beachfront) camping areas.

The following cooking and heating appliances are permitted but must meet the following requirements:

  • The appliance must use gas or manufactured fuel (heat beads, briquettes). Manufactured fuel does not include timber or wood.
  • It must be used only for cooking and/or heating.
  • It must be a minimum of 20cm off the ground and more than 2m from flammable material, which includes vegetation.
  • It must not have the potential to generate airborne embers, or possibly ignite nearby ground fuels.
  • It must be fully self-contained (heat source enclosed and no exposed flame) and never be left unattended when in use.
  • All appliances, materials and burnt fuel must be removed from the protected area on your departure.

For more information see permitted cooking appliances when camping during fire prohibitions and fire bans (PDF, 729.3KB) .

Be dingo-safe! Read and heed all wongari messages.