K'gari (Fraser Island), Great Sandy National Park Butchulla Country Fraser Coast

Fraser Island (K'gari) is the traditional land of the Butchulla Aboriginal people and a world heritage area. Photo credit: Maxime Coquard © Tourism and Events Queensland

Critical information for your safety

Critical information for your safety is included in the conditions report—always check it before you visit. Photo credit: Maxime Coquard © Tourism and Events Queensland

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Visiting K'gari safely

Safety is our concern, but your responsibility. QPWS&P brochures, signs and web pages offer you safety information—please read it and heed it.

Be aware:

  • K'gari has a network of tracks and roads and a very long eastern beach used by pedestrians, fishers, wildlife and vehicles.
  • Some roads are one-way only, some are shared zones—vehicles must give way to pedestrians—and some are management tracks with no public access.
  • Look for traffic signs on the upper beach—the beach is considered a road where vehicles are permitted.
  • Safety and regulatory signs warn you of the dangers, rules and regulations, and ways to help conserve the special features of K'gari.
  • Walking track entrances, camping areas and day-use areas have information and orientation signs, including site-specific interpretive materials.
  • 'Aircraft landing zone' signs are located at either end of the designated landing (and take off) areas for the authorised small planes that are permitted to land on the island.
  • Find out about the travel options for accessing K'gari and up-to-date information about conditions on the island.

  • Essential safety information whilst travelling around and staying on the island to ensure you are prepared and aware of potential hazards.

  • It's important to be prepared for a trip to K'gari. Find out what to bring and other essentials to prepare for a safe visit.