Vehicle access permits

A vehicle access permit must be obtained before driving on Bribie Island, K'gari (Fraser Island), Mulgumpin (Moreton Island), Cooloola and Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) recreation areas—fees apply.

All vehicles must be registered and have a valid permit. You must clearly display the details of your permit on your vehicle for inspection by authorised officers.


    Ensure you obtain your permit before entering a recreation area.

    From February 2020, permits to drive or camp in the Moreton Island Recreation Area are booked and managed through Mulgumpin Camping. Read more.

    Vehicle access permit fees

    Bribie Island Recreation Area

    • 1 week or less = $52.35
    • more than 1 week (up to 1 year) = $163.50

    Cooloola Recreation Area

    • 1 calendar day
      • obtained via the internet = $13.60
      • not obtained via the internet = $20.55
    • 1 week or less = $34.65
    • 1 month or less = $54.55
    • more than 1 month (up to 1 year) = $274.50

    K'gari (Fraser Island) Recreation Area

    • 1 month or less = $54.55
    • More than 1 month (up to 1 year) = $274.50

    K'gari (Fraser Island) and Cooloola Recreation Area

    Note: Visitors may purchase a combined permit for K'gari (Fraser Island) and Cooloola. A 20% discount applies.

    • 1 month or less = $87.60
    • More than 1 month (up to 1 year) = $439.60

    Minjerribah Recreation Area

    • 1 month or less = $54.55
    • more than 1 month (up to 1 year) = $163.50

    Changes to Minjerribah permits were effective from 1 November 2019.

    Mulgumpin (Moreton Island)

    • 1 month or less = $54.55
    • more than 1 month (up to 1 year) = $274.50

    Note: Permit bookings transitioned to new service provider Mulgumpin Camping in February 2020.

    For Minjerribah Recreation Area, contact:

    Minjerribah Camping
    PO Box 160
    Dunwich Qld 4183
    For enquiries please call (07) 3409 9668

    For Moreton Island Recreation Area, contact:

    Mulgumpin Camping
    For enquiries please call (07) 3506 2371

    Replacement or permit detail change

    For all recreation areas except Minjerribah and Mulgumpin, you can request replacement of a lost or destroyed vehicle access permit, or change the name, address or vehicle stated in the permit by emailing Please send the following documents with your email:

    • a copy of the renewal advices of the vehicle to which the permit currently applies
    • a copy of the renewal advices of the vehicle to which the permit is now to apply
    • details of new address where applicable.

    Exemption from vehicle access permit fees

    Residents, landholders, visiting close relatives of residents, educational groups and workers who need to travel through the recreation area may qualify for a fee exemption.

    Vehicle access permits are not required for:

    • emergency vehicles
    • Commonwealth, State and local government vehicles (when used for official purposes)
    • vehicles authorised under a commercial activity permit or agreement
    • Inskip Peninsula or Green Island recreation areas.

    Applicants must meet eligibility criteria. Refer to the Fee exemptions for vehicle access permits on QPWS managed recreation areas operational policy (PDF, 187.1KB) for information on eligibility criteria requirements.

    Cooloola Recreation Area—Rainbow Beach residents

    Residents of Rainbow Beach may apply for a permit fee exemption for Cooloola Recreation Area (CRA) to enable them to travel through the CRA to businesses and services in Tewantin. This fee exemption applies because Rainbow Beach is the only situation where residents can obtain a reasonable time advantage by travelling to a major shopping and business centre through the recreation area, instead of using an alternative route.

    Only Rainbow Beach residents are eligible to apply. Applications for a vehicle access permit fee exemption must be supported by documentary evidence of the applicant’s principal place of residence and vehicle registration. Fee exemptions are not automatically renewed so residents must apply for a fee exemption each year if they hold an annual permit.

    Read more frequently asked questions about vehicle permit fee exemptions for Rainbow Beach residents.

    24hr surveillance cameras in use

    All vehicles entering and exiting the recreation areas may have their vehicle number plates recorded. Vehicle registration details are checked against the Queensland National Parks Booking Service and a Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) will be issued to the registered owner of any vehicle that does not have a valid vehicle access permit.

    A penalty of $206 applies for entering a recreation area without a valid vehicle access permit. This amount will increase each financial year from 1 July. To avoid receiving a PIN, ensure you purchase a vehicle access permit before entering the recreation area.

    All camera footage obtained will be stored securely and only be viewed and accessed by authorised persons. The footage is retained in accordance with the Public Records Act 2002, which in most cases is 30–90 days, unless it is required for official purposes, or as a retained public record. For further information on our privacy and security practices visit the privacy page on the department's website.

    Displaying your vehicle access permit

    If you book online or over the phone, please collect your vehicle access permit from the information centres or shelters at the entrances to the park, fill in your booking details, or alternatively print off your vehicle tag via your QPWS online account. Display the permit on the lower left hand side of your vehicle’s windscreen prior to entering the recreation area. Invalid or expired permits must be removed.

    Hiring a vehicle or purchasing a vehicle with a vehicle access permit attached

    When hiring a vehicle that will be accessing Bribie Island, Cooloola, K’gari (Fraser Island), Moreton Island or Minjerribah recreation areas, you must obtain a vehicle access permit in your own name to cover the period the vehicle will be in the recreation area. The same applies if you have recently purchased a four-wheel drive that has a vehicle access permit. Permits are not transferable and you must purchase a vehicle access permit under your own name for the vehicle.

    For more information see:

    How to apply for an exemption

    You can apply for a vehicle permit exemption in the following ways:

    For Minjerribah Recreation Area, you can apply online or phone (07) 3409 9668.

    For Moreton Island Recreation Area (Mulgumpin), you can apply by email to