Cooloola Recreation Area, Great Sandy National Park Sunshine Coast

For a great ocean-side ride on the Sunshine Coast, don't miss the Noosa North Shore horseriding area. Photo credit: © Bluedog Photography

Four-wheel drive past towering coastal sand cliffs and coloured sands in the paradise of Cooloola Recreation Area. Photo credit: © Tomek Z Genek

Noosa North Shore horseriding area

Experience the delights of riding your horse along the sandy shore on a scenic section of Cooloola's southern beach.

Journey type
Teewah township–17km; Noosa River–6km; Vehicle-free beach area–5.6km return Start and finish points are the same and the traveller must return via the same path
Time suggested
Allow up to 5hrs riding time.
Class 1 horse trail (easy)

Accessible by

  • Conventional vehicle

Journey facilities

  • Horseriding

Enjoy the soothing soundtrack of ocean waves lapping against the beach and stunning coastal scenery as you walk your steed along the water’s edge. On Noosa North Shore, head to the beach at the first vehicle cutting and ride north to Teewah township or explore south to the Noosa River. Alternatively, set out from Tewantin along the Noosa council’s inland horse trail that links with this beach horseriding area.

Enjoy a short, vehicle-free beach ride between the first and third beach access cuttings. To avoid encounters with dogs, ride south of the first beach cutting. After a relaxing ride, return the way you came or continue along the council's inland horse trail.

Getting there and getting around

Noosa North Shore horseriding area is in Cooloola Recreation Area, Great Sandy National Park, on the Sunshine Coast between Noosa Heads and Rainbow Beach (155–240km north of Brisbane).

  • The horseriding area extends along Cooloola's southern beach from Noosa North Shore to Teewah township.
  • You can access the horseriding area of beach from Noosa North Shore. There are three access roads ('cuttings') to the beach.
  • From the first beach cutting to the beach, you can ride north as far as the Teewah township but you must not traverse the beach beyond the township.
  • Alternatively you can ride south towards the Noosa River estuary but stay out of the beach closure area at the mouth of the Noosa River.
  • Read horseride with care for tips on riding safety and riding with care.

Getting to Noosa North Shore

  • From Brisbane drive 135km north on the Bruce Highway or the Sunshine Motorway to Tewantin; or from Gympie drive 58km south and east on the Bruce Highway to Tewantin.
  • In Tewantin, follow Moorindil Street to the Noosa River ferry, cross the river to Noosa North Shore, and drive 2.2km on Maximillian Road.
  • Turn right onto Beach Road and park floats adjacent to the under-body car wash area (past the North Shore retreat).
  • Ride on the council horse trail on the southern side of Beach Road for 2.5km to the first cutting beach to Cooloola's southern beach.

Wheelchair access

There are no wheelchair-accessible facilities.

Before you visit

Opening hours

Noosa North Shore horseriding area is open 24 hours a day.

Check park alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.

Visiting safely

For more safety information see Visiting Cooloola Recreation Area safely and Horseride with care.