Permanent fire prohibition on Teewah Beach

1 April 2021 to 11 April 2024
1 April 2021 2:07pm
31 May 2023 1:46pm

This alert applies to the following park:

A QPWS imposed fire prohibition is in place in the Cooloola Recreation Area, except at Poverty Point camping area. Campfires must not be lit anywhere else in the recreation area including in the Teewah Beach camping zones 1-7.

This permanent fire prohibition was implemented to reduce the risk of bushfires, protect critical habitat of native wildlife, enhance visitor safety from campfire related injuries and reduce rubbish from non-combustible materials being burnt.

Fully enclosed cooking and heating appliances can still be used in camping areas that meet the below requirements.

  • The appliance must use gas or manufactured fuel (heat beads, briquettes). Manufactured fuel does not include timber or wood.
  • It must be used only for cooking and/or heating.
  • It must be a minimum of 20cm off the ground and more than 2m from flammable materials, which includes vegetation. 
  • It must not have the potential to generate airborne embers, or possibly ignite nearby ground fuels.
  • It must be fully self-contained (heat source enclosed and no exposed flame) and never left unattended when in use.
  • Appliances that are not fully self-contained, such as braziers, are not permitted.
  • All appliances, materials and burnt fuel must be removed from the recreation area on your departure.

On the spot fines of $718 can be issued to people who light fires during a fire prohibition.

Campfires are permitted at Poverty Point camping area and at nearby Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area unless in accordance with all local directions for that area.

For details on the difference between a Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) total fire ban and a QPWS fire prohibition and approved cooking appliances visit the DES Camp fires and cooking web page.

QPWS thanks you for your cooperation while we implement this management change.

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