Girraween National Park Southern Queensland Country

Girraween National Park's spectacular granite landscape is a must-see! Photo credit: Darren Jew © Queensland Government

About Girraween

    Park features

    Girraween National Park boasts massive granite outcrops, balancing boulders, clear running streams and spectacular wildflowers in spring.

    Golden wattles, yellow, red and purple pea flowers, dainty orchids and flannel flowers grow amid forests of red-gum, stringybark and blackbutt. Frogs, lizards and snakes rustle among the leaf litter. Brilliant turquoise parrots, yellow-tufted honeyeaters and superb fairy-wrens splash the granite-strewn countryside with colour, while red-necked wallabies, brush-tailed possums and spiny echidnas weave their way through the wonders of the woodland.

    Looking after the park

    Help us care for Girraween National Park by observing a few simple rules.

    • Never feed, chase or scare native animals.
    • Do not bring pets into the national park. Domestic animals can distress or kill native animals living in Girraween National Park.
    • Remember everything in Girraween National Park (living or dead) is protected—including wildflowers, wildlife, and even rocks and timber.
    • Do not strip bark from trees or raid the bush for firewood (even for kindling).
    • Take care with fire. Only light fires in the barbecues provided and keep your fire beneath the grate and plate.
    • Be tidy. Take all rubbish and recyclables away from the park for proper disposal.
    • Keep to designated walking tracks. They are designed to have minimal impact on the environment and lead you to the more outstanding features without damaging the park.
    • Do not use soap and detergent in Girraween National Park's creek and waterholes—they pollute the water.
    • Be considerate towards other visitors to Girraween National Park. Keep noise levels to a minimum and do not use generators or compressors.

    See Caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Park management

    The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) manages Girraween National Park to conserve its natural and cultural resources, to present these resources and their values, and to ensure that use of these resources is nature-based and ecologically sustainable.

    See the Girraween National Park Management Plan 2010 (PDF, 1.8MB) for more details about the management of this national park.

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    For more information about activities, tours and accommodation in this region, contact:

    Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre
    28 Leslie Parade,
    Phone: (07) 4681 2057

    For tourism information for all regions in Queensland see Queensland Holidays.

    Local and natural history information about Girraween can be found at

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