Gheebulum Kunungai (Moreton Island) National Park and Moreton Island Recreation Area Quandamooka Country Brisbane

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A Sustainable Visitor Capacity and Management Study will help determine how to best balance visitor use, experience and cultural, conservation as well as economic outcomes on Mulgumpin. Read more and complete a survey by 29 May 2023 to share your views and provide feedback.

National park management with traditional owners

Mulgumpin’s national park and recreation area is jointly managed between the island’s traditional owners and native title holders, the Quandamooka People, and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Photo credit: © Bianca Holderness

Gheebulum Kunungai – ‘lightnings’ playground’

Mulgumpin’s national park was renamed in 2021 to Gheebulum Kunungai (Moreton Island) National Park to reflect its strong cultural and historical significance. Gheebulum Kunungai means ‘lightnings’ playground’ in the language of the Quandamooka people. Photo credit: istock

Review of protected area management plan

The long-term plan for managing and conserving the natural and cultural values of Mulgumpin’s protected areas, including the national park and recreation area, is currently under review. Read more about this process and how you can keep informed. Photo credit: © Tourism and Events Queensland

Native title on Mulgumpin

Find out more information and background about native title on Mulgumpin held by the Quandamooka People, the island’s traditional owners and custodians.

Bookings and permits

Permits to drive or camp in Mulgumpin’s recreation area are booked and managed through Mulgumpin Camping. Photo credit: © Bianca Holderness

About Gheebulum Kunungai (Moreton Island) National Park

    Park features

    Mulgumpin (Moreton Island) features crystal clear creeks and lagoons, coastal heath, rocky headlands, abundant wildflowers, tall sand dunes, an historic lighthouse, ruins of coastal forts and miles of sandy beaches.

    The Gheebulum Kunungai (Moreton Island) National Park is jointly managed by the island’s traditional owners, the Quandamooka People, and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS). Gheebulum Kunungai means ‘lightnings’ playground’ to the Quandamooka people, whose relationship with the island dates back thousands of years with a connection to land, sea and country still as strong today. ‘Gheebulum’ and ‘Kunungai’ are the two prominent sand hills situated in the national park which tell the creation of life story, the Legend of the Lightnings Playground.

    Most of Mulgumpin (Moreton Island) is both national park and recreation area, which covers the national park to high water mark and the beaches to low water mark. Tidal wetlands and waters around the island are protected as part of Moreton Bay Marine Park.

    The sheltered bay waters are home to various marine animals. Dugong feed on its seagrass communities while migratory and resident shorebirds feed and roost on the island's beaches. Humpback whales can be seen from Cape Moreton during their migration from June to November.

    Indigenous cultural heritage includes shell middens that are evidence of thousands of years of Aboriginal occupation. Ruins of coastal defence bases from World War II are a reminder of Australia's involvement in world conflict.

    Looking after the park


    There are no bins on the eastern side of the island. Rangers do not collect rubbish from camp sites and can issue on-the-spot fines for littering. When planning your trip, pack to minimise rubbish. Rubbish bins are located near The Wrecks and Comboyuro Point campgrounds.

    Secure all rubbish bags inside your vehicle when driving. Do not carry rubbish bags on your bull bar as these tend to break and spread rubbish across the island’s tracks.

    Camp sites

    Use existing camp sites marked with a totem. Use only existing entry tracks to reach the beach camping zones.

    Portable toilets

    Large groups staying away from facilities should bring a portable toilet. Waste from portable toilets can be emptied at designated waste facilities located at Ben-Ewa and Comboyuro Point camping areas. Do not pour your portable toilet waste into any toilets on the island, as it destroys the bacteria in the composting systems used by the QPWS.

    Bush toileting

    Use toilet facilities or portable toilet whenever possible. If they are not available, bury waste and toilet paper 50 cm deep and at least 10 m from lakes, watercourses, camp sites and walking tracks. Always bag and bin sanitary products and disposable nappies.


    Generators are not permitted in developed campgrounds, however they can be used in the five camping zones across the island. Only low decibel (dB) generators, up to 2.0 KVa, with a maximum noise level output of 60 dB at 7m are allowed. Be considerate and only use them between the hours of 8am and 7pm. Note: the use of generators may be totally prohibited from time to time in some camping zones for safety reasons (e.g. local fire bans). Also refer to camping information for details on where generators are permitted.

    Keep it clean

    Soaps, sunscreens, insect repellents, shampoos and bodily wastes pollute the water and harm the wildlife. Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat and shirt in the water.

    Feral pests

    Avoid exotic introductions by checking that your camping gear and supplies are not contaminated with soil, cane toads, ants, insects or plant seeds.

    Take care around shorebirds

    Drive slowly and go around flocks of resting shorebirds. Watch out for their unexpected movement.

    See caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Park management

    The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) has entered into a joint management arrangement with the Quandamooka People to manage the Gheebulum Kunungai (Moreton Island) National Park and Moreton Island Recreation Area to conserve its natural and cultural resources. The whole island is national park (other than freehold areas such as townships) and is protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 and the Recreation Areas Management Act 2006 to the low water mark.

    The national park is managed in accordance with the Moreton Island National Park, Cape Moreton Conservation Park and Moreton Island Recreation Area Management Plan (PDF, 868.6KB) .

    This plan is under review in 2021-2022 to ensure the continued long-term protection of the  park’s key natural and cultural values and effective management to protect those values.

    • Read more about this management plan review including frequently asked questions and how you can keep informed during the community consultation phase.

    Tourism information links

    Tourism information centres

    Brisbane Visitor Information Centre
    Queen Street Mall, Brisbane Qld 4002
    ph (07) 3006 6290

    Redlands Coast Visitor Information Centre
    Shore Street West, Cleveland Qld 4163
    ph 1300 667 386

    Wynnum Manly Tourism & Visitor Information Centre
    William Gunn Jetty, 1 Wyvernleigh Close, Manly Qld 4179
    ph (07) 3348 3524

    Redcliffe Jetty Visitor Information Centre
    Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe
    ph 1800 Moreton Bay (1800 667 386)

    Barges and ferries

    From Port of Brisbane (Brisbane River southside) to Tangalooma Wrecks.
    Pedestrian and vehicle transport. Check website for timetable and booking details.
    ph (07) 3909 3333

    Daily passenger launch
    From Pinkenba (Brisbane River northside) to Tangalooma Resort.
    Pedestrian only. Note: For Tangalooma guests / day trippers only.
    ph 1300 652 250 or (07) 3637 2000

    Amity Trader
    From Victoria Point (Mainland) to Kooringal Contact operator for details.
    ph 0487 227 437

    Sunday passenger launch From Redcliffe Jetty to Bulwer Mulgumpin (Moreton Island).
    Pedestrian only. Departing Redcliffe jetty at 10am and returning at 4pm. or Redcliffe Cruise and & Travel
    ph 07 3284 5192

    Shops and services

    • Castaways Store (Bulwer) (07) 3408 2202
    • 4WD taxi and tour services (07) 3408 2661
    • Kooringal General Store & Gutter Bar (07) 3409 0170
    • Moreton Island Recovery Service:
      • Lindsay - 0414 949 876 or (07) 3408 3545
      • John - 0475 563 642 or (07) 3408 3930

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