Daintree National Park (CYPAL) Tropical North Queensland

The Cape Tribulation section of Daintree National Park (CYPAL) is where the rainforest meets the reef. Photo credit: © Tourism and Events Queensland

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If you’re looking for a cool change in the rainforest that both you and the kids will enjoy, along with an opportunity for a unique cultural experience, look no further than Mossman Gorge in Daintree National Park (CYPAL). Photo credit: Maxime Coquard © Queensland Government

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Visiting Daintree safely

    Getting there and getting around

    Daintree National Park (CYPAL) is between 80km and 150km north of Cairns. The park has two sections, Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation.

    Mossman Gorge

    • From Cairns drive 80km north along the Captain Cook Highway then just before Mossman town centre, turn left into Johnston Road and continue for 2km to the Mossman Gorge Centre near the entrance to the Mossman Gorge section of the park.
    • Electric shuttle buses operate daily from the centre (every 15mins from 8am–6pm) transporting visitors on a 2km journey into the park.
    • Private vehicles are not permitted in the park from 8am to 6pm daily, but can access the park before 8am and after 6pm. You can walk or cycle to the park at any time.

    Cape Tribulation

    • From Cairns, drive 104km north along the Captain Cook Highway to the entrance to the Cape Tribulation section of the park at the Daintree River crossing.
    • The Daintree ferry operates 6.00am–midnight every day with a reduced service on Christmas Day and occasional breaks in service for mechanical repairs or during flooding.

    North of Cape Tribulation

    • Beyond Cape Tribulation, the unsealed Cape Tribulation–Bloomfield road continues to the park's northern boundary and onto Bloomfield. This road is suitable for 4WDs only.
    • Read 4WD with care for important information on 4WD safety and minimal impact driving.

    Wheelchair access

    • In the Cape Tribulation section, three of the four short boardwalks, Marrja boardwalk, Dubuji boardwalk and Kulki boardwalk, are wheelchair accessible. At the fourth boardwalk, Jindalba boardwalk, wheelchair access to the creek is available from the exit end only, near the disabled access parking bays.
    • At Mossman Gorge, the shuttle bus, picnic area, toilets and the rainforest boardwalk Baral Marrjanga track, which leads from the car park to the Mossman River lookout, are all wheelchair accessible.

    Staying safe

    Mossman Gorge

    Caravans and large campervans are not recommended on the narrow park access road beyond the Mossman Gorge Centre.

    Cape Tribulation

    • Beyond the Daintree River ferry crossing, the Cape Tribulation road is narrow and winding. Drivers should keep left and watch for wildlife, particularly cassowaries.
    • Conventional 2WD vehicle access is possible as far as Cape Tribulation, although high clearance is useful and caravans are not recommended.
    • North of Cape Tribulation the unsealed road to Bloomfield is suitable only for 4WD vehicles due to steep grades and creek crossings. The road may be closed after heavy rain.

    See traffic and travel information for road and travel conditions.

    Check park alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.

    Before you visit

    Refer to the before you visit information for all parks.