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Like to become a campground host?

The department is seeking volunteers to act as campground hosts at Carnarvon Gorge section, Carnarvon National Park over the Queensland school holidays. Photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

Beyond brilliant—an adventurers’ guide to Carnarvon Gorge

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About Carnarvon Gorge

    Park features

    Carnarvon Gorge is an oasis in the semi-arid heart of Central Queensland.

    Here, towering white sandstone cliffs form a spectacular steep-sided gorge with narrow, vibrantly-coloured and lush side-gorges. Boulder-strewn Carnarvon Creek winds through the gorge.

    A wealth of cultural and natural heritage lies within this special place. The gorge is home to a range of significant plant and animal species, many of them relics of cooler, wetter times.

    Remnant rainforest flourishes in the sheltered side-gorges while endemic Carnarvon fan palms Livistona nitida, ancient cycads, ferns, flowering shrubs and gum trees line the main gorge. Grassy open forest grows on the cliff tops. The park's creeks attract a wide variety of animals including more than 173 species of birds.

    Rock art on sandstone overhangs is a fragile reminder of Aboriginal people's long and continuing connection with the gorge. Ochre stencils, rock engravings and freehand paintings include some of the finest Aboriginal rock imagery in Australia.

    Looking after the park

    Please help to care for Carnarvon Gorge by following these guidelines.

    • Use a fuel stove or the gas barbecues provided at Carnarvon Gorge day-use area. Open fires are not permitted.
    • Do not feed or leave food for animals—human food can harm wildlife and cause some animals to become aggressive. Keep your food packed away when your campsite is not attended.
    • Leave domestic animals at home. Pets disturb native wildlife and other park visitors.
    • Leave all plants and animals undisturbed.
    • Use toilets if available. Away from toilets, ensure all faecal matter and toilet paper are properly buried (15cm deep) well away from tracks, campsites, watercourses and drainage channels (150m). Take disposable nappies and sanitary products out of the park and dispose of them appropriately.
    • When washing cooking equipment, always wash at least 100m from streams and lakes. Waterways should be kept free of all pollutants including soap, detergents, sunscreens and food scraps.
    • Rubbish bins are not provided. Do not bury or leave rubbish—take it with you when you leave. This includes cigarette butts, which do not decompose.
    • Cycling is not permitted on any walking tracks.
    • Climbing and abseiling is not permitted anywhere in the park.
    • Do not bring firearms or other weapons into the park.

    See the guidelines on caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Park management

    The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service manage the Carnarvon Gorge section of Carnarvon National Park under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 to conserve its natural, cultural and historic values.

    The Carnarvon National Park Management Plan: Southern Brigalow Belt Biogeographic Region (PDF, 1.7MB) , details how this park is managed.

    Tourism information links

    Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge
    4043 O'Briens Road, Carnarvon Gorge Qld 4702
    ph (07) 4984 4503
    freecall 1800 644 150

    Takarakka Bush Resort
    Via Rolleston, Qld 4702
    ph (07) 4984 4535
    fax (07) 4984 4556

    Sandstone Park Carnarvon Gorge
    ph (07) 4984 4679

    Australian Nature Guides
    Carnarvon Gorge Discovery Centre
    O'Brien's Road, Carnarvon Gorge Qld 4702
    Ph (07) 4984 4652 (March to October)

    For information on road conditions check with the Department of Transport and Main Roads or phone 13 19 40 before setting out.

    For tourism information for all regions in Queensland see Queensland Holidays.