Moogerah Peaks National Park Brisbane

Mount French section, Moogerah Peaks National Park. Photo credit: Justin O’Connell © Queensland Government

About Moogerah Peaks

    Park features

    The ancient, volcanic peaks of mounts French, Greville, Moon and Edwards are recognised not only for their unique shapes and as favourite bushwalking destinations, but are also remnant habitats of key conservation value within south east Queensland.

    The peaks are mostly covered in open eucalypt forest with montane heath on the exposed rock faces and rainforest in some sheltered areas.

    Before land clearing, much of the Fassifern Valley was covered by brigalow and vine forest, known as the 'Fassifern scrub'. Now only a very small remnant of this vegetation type remains, and it is protected within the Mount French section of the park.

    These peaks are special places to Aboriginal people, bushwalkers and naturalists alike. If you come to Moogerah Peaks National Park be well prepared and treat the bush with care and respect.

    Looking after the park

    You can help protect the park by observing these guidelines:

    • Please leave all plants and animals undisturbed.
    • Please do not feed wildlife. Human food can make native animals susceptible to disease and can cause overpopulations and aggressive behaviour.
    • Use toilets if available. Away from toilets, ensure all human waste and toilet paper is properly buried—at least 15cm deep and at least 100m away from tracks, camp sites, watercourses and drainage channels. Take disposable nappies and sanitary products home with you for disposal.
    • Take your rubbish home. Minimal impact bushwalkers take great care to avoid leaving any rubbish. Remember—pack it in, pack it out.
    • Be self-sufficient—use a fuel stove.
    • Stay on designated tracks and trails and keep to the summit route,  take care near cliff edges and supervise children at all times. Shortcutting causes erosion, damages vegetation and can potentially result in injury.


    Stop the spread of pathogens (disease producing organisms such as phytophthora, myrtle rust and amphibian chytrid fungus). Soil and detritus can contain pathogens such as fungal spores that are harmful to the forest and frogs.

    • Keep to designated roads and walking tracks, and the summit route at all times.
    • Start and finish your bushwalk with clean footwear by removing soil before leaving an area and keep all gear as clean and free from soil as possible during the walk.
    • Footwear hygiene stations are provided at the entrance to the walking tracks at Mount French section and the summit routes in Mount Greville section of Moogerah Peaks National Park.
    • Please clean and disinfect camping equipment using a disinfectant before camping in Mount French section.
    • Watch the Stop the spread of weeds and pathogens web clip for more information.

    See the guidelines on caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Park management

    The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) manages Moogerah Peaks National Park under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 to preserve and present its remarkable natural and cultural values in perpetuity.

    A Moogerah Peaks National Park management statement (PDF, 93.0KB) has been produced to provide strategic management direction to protect key park values.

    Tourism information links

    Boonah Visitor Information Centre and
    Bicentennial Park, 20 Boonah–Fassifern Road, Boonah QLD 4310
    ph (07) 5463 2233

    For tourism information for all regions in Queensland see Queensland Holidays.