Amendments to permits

General information

Permits for activities in QPWS managed areas may be amended where required. Permit holders often ask QPWS to amend the personal, business or contact details on permits, and to amend permit terms and conditions.

The chief executive of the department (or their delegate) or the Queensland Recreation Areas Management Board (or their delegate) may also make amendments to permits, generally for safety, conservation or estate management reasons.

'QPWS-managed areas' include:

  • Recreation areas under the Recreation Areas Management Act 2006 (RAM Act);
  • State forests, forest reserves and other lands managed under the Forestry Act 1959;
  • Protected areas (State land) under the Nature Conservation Act 1992; and
  • Marine parks under the Marine Parks Act 2004.

Guidelines and policies

Operational policy: Amendments and variations to permits for QPWS managed areas