Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail Ngaro Country Whitsundays

Photo credit: Justin Heitman © Qld Government

Be inspired: Paddle into paradise on the Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail

Backpackers from around the world know the Whitsundays are a ‘must’, so why not grab a few mates and check out this paradise in your own back yard?

Be inspired: Paddle, pedal, soar or sail—explore The Whitsundays your way!

White sands, rich green landscapes and turquoise waters combine to make The Whitsundays your ultimate tropical getaway. Photo credit: Justin Heitman © Queensland Government

Camping on the Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail

Camping permits are required and fees apply.

The Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail (WNST) offers a range of camping areas and gives easy access to both short and long walks.

  • Camping areas are accessible by boat only.
  • There are a number of commercial operators offering transfers to the national park islands if you do not have your own vessel.
  • Ensure you book your transfer before obtaining your QPWS camping permit.
  • Book your camp site online
  • If you cannot book online, see camping bookings for other options.

Use the table below or the Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail map (PDF, 223.8KB) to find the closest campsite to your chosen WNST walk.

If you are travelling by kayak between campsites, make sure you are familiar with the prevailing wind direction for that time of year and the distances you have to travel.

South Molle Island Spion Kop and Mt Jeffreys Paddle Bay and Sandy Bay camping areas
Henning Island Use as a stop-over between South Molle and Whitsunday islands Northern Spit camping area
Whitsunday Island Whitsunday Peak, Dugong-Sawmill track Dugong Beach camping area
Hook Island Ngaro cultural site Curlew Beach camping area
Whitsunday Island Whitsunday Cairn Cairn Beach camping area
Whitsunday Island Tongue Point  
Whitsunday Island Solway circuit, Chance Bay track Whitehaven Beach and Chance Bay camping areas

Camping permits are required and fees apply. A camping tag with your booking number must be displayed at your campsite. Find out about camping elsewhere in the Whitsundays

Our precious Great Barrier Reef World Heritage islands are among the most pest-free islands in the world. They need your help to stay this way. Please Be pest-free! (PDF, 573.6KB) before your visit.

Park-specific conditions

You have to be totally self-sufficient when camping along the Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail. Only limited facilities are provided at campsites. Remember the essentials to bring, and please set up and camp carefully.

Please pack carefully

  • Bring sufficient food and water, plus extra in case of emergency. None of the islands have fresh water. Ensure you have enough water for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing. Allow at least five litres per person per day.
  • Pack a first-aid kit, lots of vinegar and advice on recognising and treating dangerous marine stingers.
  • Carry reliable equipment such as torches, AM/FM radio and VHF radio.
  • Dehydrated food and minimal packaging saves weight, space and rubbish.
  • Sturdy containers will help keep wildlife away from your food and rubbish.
  • Please clean your camping gear to prevent spreading seeds, insects and vermin.
  • Pack a tarpaulin, sunscreen and insect repellent to enjoy a comfortable stay.

Read more about staying safe and looking after the park.