Wildlife parks

Photo credit: Maxime Coquard © Queensland Government

Queensland’s wildlife parks are wonderful places to see and learn about some of our most precious native birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. Located centrally for easy access from key urban cities, each wildlife park also runs educational school-based programs.

These are amazing ‘outdoor classrooms’ where kids (and adults) love to visit and learn. With guaranteed wildlife sightings in natural settings, it’s a chance to get much closer, while still respecting the wild natures of all creatures. Step inside … and see what you find.

David Fleay Wildlife Park

David Fleay Wildlife Park is a wildlife park with a difference, nestled in the Gold Coast’s secluded bushland. It’s home to many native animals, both common and rare, and provides a quiet and peaceful environment for all ages to explore. This park has a long tradition of breeding and displaying Queensland’s native animals—a legacy of founder, Dr David Fleay—and aims to inspire people to share in their conservation.

Don’t miss the daily wildlife talks with our Park Rangers and be sure to check out the crocodiles, cassowaries, koalas, platypus, tree-kangaroos, and an amazing variety of birds, reptiles and cute nocturnal mammals, including squirrel gliders and bilbies!

Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre

Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre in the western outskirts of Brisbane, on the edge of D’Aguilar National Park, is an ideal introduction to ‘the bush in Brisbane’s backyard’.

You have the chance to see ‘everyday’ species from your own backyard, and others that are rarely seen beyond the sanctuary of national parks. You’ll see kangaroos, wallabies, saltwater crocodiles, fat-tailed dunnarts, and a diverse collection of reptiles, amphibians and fish displayed so that visitors of all ages can enjoy this close-up wildlife watching experience.

Daisy Hill Koala Centre

Australia’s favourite furry mascot has a beautiful protected environment at Daisy Hill on Brisbane’s southern outskirts, tucked in bushland between Daisy Hill and Redland Bay.

The Daisy Hill Koala Centre is something much better than a zoo enclosure. The many interactive displays provide a unique place to learn about koalas, and other threatened species, and their conservation. Koala cuddles are not available, but you can climb the tree top tower and gain views over the forest, and will see koalas up close in the large outdoor enclosure.