Lama Lama National Park (CYPAL) Tropical North Queensland

Lama Lama National Park (CYPAL) Photo credit: Tamara Vallance ©️ Queensland Government.

About Lama Lama

    Park features

    Lama Lama National Park (CYPAL) has various landscapes of interest to travellers of all backgrounds, from swamps and lagoons to open eucalypt forest and salt pans.

    Looking after the park

    Lama Lama National Park (CYPAL) is closed throughout the wet season each year, typically from 1 December to 30 June (dates inclusive) as roads become impassable. These dates may vary depending on weather and road conditions. Observe road closures and restrictions, as penalties can apply. Check park alerts and Queensland Traffic or Cook Shire Council for local road conditions. The Bureau of Meteorology provides updated weather reports.

    Help Lama Lama Land Trust and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service(QPWS) rangers look after the national park (CYPAL):

    • Camping is not permitted in the national park (CYPAL).
    • The use of firearms and chainsaws is prohibited in national parks.
    • Leave pets at home; domestic animals are not permitted in national parks.
    • Do not interfere with cultural sites.
    • Roads in national parks are the same as any other public road in Queensland. All vehicles, except those exempted by law, must be registered. QPWS does not give permission for conditionally registered vehicles (e.g. quad bikes) to be used recreationally by individuals. In many places it is not legally possible to issue a permit.
    • Riders and drivers must be licensed and vehicles must be road registered.
    • Do not access roads and tracks that are closed for management purposes.
    • Limit the spread of weeds by ensuring clothes, shoes, gear, bikes and vehicles are clean and free of seeds before travelling through the national park (CYPAL).

    Frequently asked questions

    Are dogs allowed in the national park (CYPAL)?

    Dogs are not allowed in the national park (CYPAL). Dogs must be kept in vehicles whilst travelling through Lama Lama National Park (CYPAL). They can be let out to stretch and to relieve themselves but must be secured once that is done.

    Are quad bikes allowed along the beach?

    Quad bikes, as well as all other unauthorised vehicles are prohibited from travelling on the beach and/or dunes and salt pans to help protect the natural values of the national park (CYPAL). The Lama Lama Rangers patrol regularly along the park.

    Is there camping available at the national park (CYPAL)

    There is currently no camping available at the national park (CYPAL).

    Park management

    Lama Lama National Park (CYPAL) is managed jointly by Lama Lama Land Trust and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. If you wish to contact the Land Trust, please do so by the following options:

    Phone: (07) 4084 0695

    Address 1: Suite 5, 61 McLeod Street, Cairns QLD 4870

    Address 2: Suit 2, 29 Taylor Street, Coen QLD 4892

    Address 3: Lot 13, Port Stewart Road, Coen QLD 4892 (Lama Lama Ranger Base, Port Stewart)

    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.