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Experience a remote and beautiful landscape along the Carnarvon Great Walk. Photo credit: Robert Ashdown © Queensland Government

About the Carnarvon Great Walk

    Walk features

    The Carnarvon Great Walk links the Carnarvon Gorge and Mount Moffatt sections of Carnarvon National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty and human history set within the highlands of the Central Queensland Sandstone Belt.

    A range of walking experiences are offered within this Great Walk—from short strolls to a truly challenging six or seven day walk. Wander the shaded, cool side-gorges of Carnarvon Creek or ascend ridgelines above and beyond the gorge to the lofty, dry woodland plateaus of central Queensland’s most elevated area. For those up for the challenge, the full circuit walk (87km in length), is destined to become one of Queensland’s great walking experiences—a true adventure to remember.

    The Carnarvon Great Walk should be hiked in a clockwise direction, starting from the Carnarvon Gorge Visitor Area. Keep in mind that overnight camping at the Carnarvon Gorge camping area is only permitted during Easter, winter and spring school holidays.

    There are 5 walkers’ camps along the Carnarvon Great Walk. Three camping areas have toilets – Big Bend walkers’ camp, Gadd’s walkers’ camp and West Branch walkers’ camp. Water is available at all camping areas. A maximum of two nights stay applies to all walkers’ camps on the Carnarvon Great Walk.

    Two of the walkers’ camps are referred to as camping zones. At Consuelo and Cabbage Tree camping zones, camping is allowed along a 200m section of the walk, identified by a totem at each location. There are no toilets at these two camping zones. Read more about toileting in the bush.

    Camping permits are required and fees apply. Before camping you must obtain a camping permit and pay for your camping fees. A camping tag with your booking number must be displayed at your campsite. Self-registration is not available.

    Carnarvon National Park has other camping opportunities at both Carnarvon Gorge and Mount Moffatt sections.

    Park-specific conditions

    Read more about Walk safely and Walk softly.

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