Virtual parks

Join our Rangers to discover 3 of Queensland’s remarkable national parks, and experience what it’s like to be there—to see, hear, and learn—all from the comfort of your home.

The site features 360-degree video footage of significant locations in each park, and is supported by other video, audio, and imagery to highlight some of their stories.

Gaze across vast outback plains, visit a world-renowned fossil site and canoe through picturesque Lawn Hill Gorge at Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park.

See ancient World Heritage rainforest, discover a surprising cave and waterfall and look out across volcanic cliffs at Springbrook National Park.

Tour a colonial-era prison, see the island stockade from the air, and learn about a notorious prisoner at St Helena Island National Park.

Virtual Parks
Boodjamulla | Springbrook | St Helena Island

Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park

  • The park is temporarily closed due to significant damage caused by unprecedented monsoonal flooding in March 2023. Check park alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.
  • The video and audio were captured before the flooding event—elements of the landscape and infrastructure no longer appear as they do in this imagery.

Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park encompasses Lawn Hill Gorge and the Riversleigh World Heritage Site, located in North West Queensland, on the Northern Territory border.

The land is the Heart of Waanyi.

Boodjamulla National Park acknowledges the Waanyi People as the First Australians and the Custodians of Boodjamulla. We pay respect to Elders of the past, present, and emerging in maintaining the culture, country and spiritual connection to the land.

The Waanyi People know this region as their spiritual and sacred Budjimala (Rainbow Serpent) country. This sacred Ancestral Being created many of the region’s striking landscape features.

Today the Waanyi People continue to feel a deep sense of personal responsibility for the safekeeping of the place. Their connection to the landscape is maintained through cultural practice on their traditional homeland.

Riversleigh, located within Boodjamulla National Park, is a World Heritage-listed site.

Many decades of dedicated work by skilled palaeontologists (predominantly the team at the University of New South Wales) has uncovered a fossil deposit at Riversleigh regarded as one of the most important palaeontological sites in the world.

Fossils at Riversleigh are of Outstanding Universal Value as they showcase exceptional examples of major stages in earth’s history, including the record of life and the key stages of evolution.

The Riversleigh World Heritage Advisory Committee is a ministerially appointed committee comprising of Waanyi Peoples, palaeontologists, archaeologists, geologists, tourism and local government representatives, natural resource management and community members. The committee provides advice on research, presentation, management and protection of Riversleigh to the Minister for the Environment.

Springbrook National Park

Dominating the Gold Coast's western skyline, Springbrook's cool forests and mountain streams offer views of impressive landscapes, and walks among subtropical and temperate rainforest, open eucalypt forest and montane heath.

Spectacular waterfalls, cascades and tumbling creeks are dominant features in this Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area.

World Heritage listing is a prestigious international recognition of the important conservation values of this area, especially its unique geology, evolutionary significance, subtropical and cool temperate rainforests and rare fauna.

St Helena Island National Park

This picturesque island in Moreton Bay, off the coast of Brisbane, has a turbulent history as the site of Queensland's first penal settlement.

The park contains the ruins of a colonial ­­penal settlement, which operated here from 1867 until 1932. Ruins of the prison stockade, lime kiln and cemeteries provide fascinating insights into 19th century life for those that spent time here.

Wetlands around the island are a haven for migratory wading birds. The surrounding waters are protected in Moreton Bay Marine Park.