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Tregole National Park

Tregole National Park. Photo: © Karen Smith.Tregole National Park. Photo: © Karen Smith.

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Located in Outback Queensland, only 11km south-west of Morven.

What's special

In semi-arid, south-western Queensland, Tregole National Park straddles the boundary between two of the state’s natural regions, the brigalow belt and the mulga lands.

The park protects a small, almost pure stand of ooline Cadellia pentastylis, an attractive dry rainforest tree dating back to the Ice Ages. Ooline has been extensively cleared and is now uncommon and considered vulnerable to extinction. Tregole’s ooline forest survives in the less than ideal semi-arid conditions.

Mulga grows on the ridges while poplar box woodlands cover the alluvial plains, brigalow woodlands grow on areas with heavy clay soils and Mitchell grasslands are found on the park’s undulating plains.

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Location of Tregole National Park within Queensland

Last updated
12 March 2019