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Camping on Lizard Island

Camping area, Watsons Bay. Photo: Queensland Government.

Camping area, Watsons Bay. Photo: Queensland Government.

Camp at Watsons Bay on Lizard Island. Camping is not permitted on any of the other islands in Lizard Island National Park.

Camping permits are required and fees apply. A tag with your booking number must be displayed at your campsite.

Our precious Great Barrier Reef World Heritage islands are among the most pest-free islands in the world. They need your help to stay this way. Please Be pest-free! (PDF, 574K) before your visit.

Park-specific conditions

Campers must be self-sufficient in food, water, shelter and first-aid equipment. No supplies are available on the island but visitors are welcome at the Marlin Bar (although it is not open every day). Campers should take care not to feed the wildlife and ensure that all food and rubbish scraps are secured.

The gas barbecue provided in the camping area is an open flame burner and does not have a hotplate. It is necessary to bring pots or pans to cook on. The maximum stay on Lizard Island is 10 nights.

Bore water can be obtained from the hand-pump located 250m from the camping area. This hand pump may be unreliable at times. If it fails, water can be collected from a tap outside the Marlin Bar (approximately 40 minutes walk from the camping area). Bring water containers suitable for carrying water this distance and treat all water before drinking.

Read more about staying safe and looking after the park.

Watsons Bay camping area

Camp sites have limited shade. Photo: Queensland Government.

Camp sites have limited shade. Photo: Queensland Government.

Camping area features: just behind the beach in scenic Watsons Bay. Some shade is offered by beachfront vegetation. The camping area is adjacent to the day-use area and close to the network of walking tracks around the island.

Location: in Watsons Bay on the north-west side of Lizard Island.

Access: on foot from the airstrip (1.2km; campers must carry all their gear) or by boat in Watsons Bay.

Number of sites: five sites (separate but not numbered).

Camp sites are suitable for: tents.

Camp site surface: sand.

Facilities: composting toilet, picnic tables and gas barbecue (burners only, no hot plates). Poles are also provided for erecting shelters for shade. Water is available from a hand pump 250m from the camping area or from a tap at the Marlin Bar. Treat all water before drinking.

Open fires: not allowed.

Generators: not permitted.

Essentials to bring: rubbish bags, insect repellent, insect-proof tents, tarpaulins for extra shade and pots and pans to use on the barbecue. Water containers and water-treating equipment are also required. Read more about things to know before you go.

Bookings: book online or learn about our camping booking options.

Mobile phone coverage: not available.

Last updated
24 May 2019