Important updates: coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Campers in locations with mobile coverage are required to use the Check-In Qld app at their location.

    Camping and vehicle access in national parks, state forests and recreation areas

    Conditions are in place in our national parks, state forests and recreation areas to support Queensland Health COVID-19 directives and keep visitors safe. These include:

    • requirement for campers booked into QPWS-managed camping areas to sign in on first entry using the Check-In Qld app where there is mobile coverage.
    • limits on the number of campsites to assist with social distancing
    • limits on the number of people who are able to access amenities at any one time
    • enhanced cleaning regimes
    • requirements for mask wearing in certain circumstances
    • keeping contact information for all persons making bookings for contact tracing purposes.

    Camping areas that have mobile coverage and require campers to use the Check-In Qld app include:

    • Big Crystal Creek camping area
    • Cockatoo Beach
    • Cocoa Creek camping area
    • Coochin Creek camping area
    • Dandabah camping ground
    • Denham Range camping area
    • Denman Island
    • Downfall Creek camping area
    • Dugong Beach Whitsunday Island
    • Flaxton Walkers’ camp
    • Fong-On Bay camping area
    • Frog Buttruss camping area
    • Glastonbury Creek camping area
    • Grimston Point camping area
    • Humpy Island camping area
    • Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area
    • Jaxut camping area
    • Kauri Creek camping area
    • Lawn Hill Gorge camping area
    • Long Island – Sandy Bay
    • Mount French camping area
    • North Keppel Island – Considine Beach
    • Northern Spit Henning Island
    • Planton Island
    • Platypus camping area
    • Red Rock camping area
    • Smalleys Beach camping area
    • South Molle Island – Paddle Bay
    • South Molle Islande – Sandy Bay
    • Tancred Island
    • Teerk Roo Ra National Park
    • Thilba Thalba Walkers’ camp
    • Ubajee Walkers’ camp
    • Upper Stony camping area
    • Water Park Creek camping area
    • Windmill Bay camping area

    QR code posters will be placed in information shelters or amenities blocks where camping areas have these, or at the entrance to the camping area.

    Where there is no mobile coverage, Queensland Health contract tracers will be provided permit holder data upon request within privacy legislation requirements.

    Visitors must not attend a campsite if they have been to a declared COVID-19 Hotspot in the previous 14 days, have been in contact with a known COVID-19 case, or have symptoms related to COVID-19.

    We request those who are able to be self-contained do so to reduce the number of people using facilities.

    Bookings are essential and can be managed via the following websites:

    Before visiting a national park

    • Always check Park Alerts before leaving home for up-to-date information for a specific location.
    • Check the latest information and follow directions from Queensland Health regarding COVID-19. If camping, for sites that have mobile coverage sign in using the Check-In Qld app and always follow directions from any on-site signage.
    • Only visit open sites where there are car spaces available in the car park, follow social distancing measures and adhere to public gathering numbers.
    • Please remember to bring your own soap and sanitiser and exercise appropriate hygiene with regard to washing hands and leave no trace behind when you depart.
    • Note that local closures or restricted access to facilities may apply to some areas for management purposes—check the specific location at park alerts.
    • Do not attempt to visit any closed areas, unless authorised, for your own safety and protection, and that of your community.

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    For the latest information on fires in your area please contact QFES.

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