Letters from the ex-HMAS Tobruk

'Who am I? - I'm Stephen (Spike) Jones.  I served in the Navy from January 1962 until December 1983.

I joined HMAS Tobruk in June 1981 and served until Devember 1982! I was a 'Chief Petty Officer' and most 'Senior Sailor of the supply department'!

We, had only been in dock for a day or so! When we were informed, the ship was to prepare, 'For deployment', to the Port of Ashdod in Israel!!

The reason being, we were to load equipment for the Australian and New Zealand Contingents, in the Sinai (Egypt) Peace Keeping Force.

Note: Now known as the Multi force of oservers (Sinai).

I took many long and arduous hours, by the crew and others! To prepare ship for embarkation of helicopters and stores etc.  A quick trip to Sydney, for more of the same!  Onto Fremantle, for more stores, then out into the Indian Ocean!

We arrived back in Brisbane on 30 April 1982.  After a successful 'First' overseas deployment!  By this 'new' HMAS Tobruk, with a 'Navy and Army crew'!!

And a warm welcome home by family and friends.