‘Paw-some’ camping fun for the whole family (and the dog) at Amamoor!
Issued: 28 Jun 2018

Hate having to start your holiday with a tear-jerking separation from your fur baby? Leaving your dog behind can be ‘ruff’, so don’t let it put a ‘paws’ on planning your next family camping trip!

Photo credit: Trevor Hatfield © Queensland Government

Hate having to start your holiday with a tear-jerking separation from your fur baby? Leaving your dog behind can be 'ruff', so don’t let it put a 'paws' on planning your next family camping trip! No need to make alternative arrangements for the pooch when Amamoor Creek camping area is only a 2hr drive north of Brisbane.

Wet noses welcome

Nestled in the peaceful Sunshine Coast hinterland, Amamoor State Forest is a family favourite. A landscape of rugged mountains, spectacular lookouts, exhilarating walks, dappled forests and unique wildlife is waiting to be explored. Hit the trails on a mountain bike, get your adventure on with some 4WDing or just relax around a cosy camp fire.

Amamoor Creek camping area is a sprawling, grassy site shaded by ironbarks and blue gums. No matter what your preferred style of camping accommodation—tent, caravan, camper trailer, campervan or motorhome—you can easily access this site.

Toilets are provided, and fire rings too, so bringing clean-milled firewood and marshmallows is a must. You can fill the dog’s water bowl from the taps onsite, but just be sure to treat the water before giving it to your human family members.

Grassy open space dotted with many tall trees, both smooth-barked and flaky-barked eucalypts, and occasional water taps and fire rings.
Amamoor Creek camping area | Trevor Hatfield © Queensland Government

If you’re bringing your dog along, remember to be respectful of other visitors and the wildlife you came to enjoy. Clean up after them, and keep your dog on a leash and under control at all times. Keep in mind they are not permitted in the other camping area in the park—Cedar Grove camping area.

Amamoor Creek camping area hosts the Gympie Music Muster in the last week of August. The camping area is managed by the Gympie Music Muster leading up to and during the event, as it attracts thousands of visitors each year. If you love your country music, book early!

S’more must-do activities for happy campers

So that’s the dog taken care of, now what about the little ones? Here’s a few of our favourite ideas for camping with kids:

  • Camp cooking—whether it’s damper, s’mores or something a little more elaborate, it’s bound to be messy and fun. Pinterest is overflowing with camp cooking ideas for you to try.
  • Nature play—the humble stick is far more versatile than any toy you’ll buy from a store. It’s a wand, a tool, a walking stick, a broomstick, or a dog toy! Let their imaginations run wild and you’ll be amazed what they come up with.
  • Spotlighting—one of the best things about camping in our parks and forests is the wildlife, and, once night falls, a whole host of different critters come out to play. Use a rubber band to secure a few layers of red cellophane over the end of a torch (to protect the animals’ eyes) then go for a wander and see what you find. Trace the creek bank and tree branches with the torch light and watch for bright eyes looking back at you!
Yellow-green frog with chocolate-brown back and large dark eyes, crouches (frog-like) on dark rock.
Eastern stony creek frog | Harry Hines © Queensland Government

Ready to adventure out with the whole family? Check out Amamoor State Forest for more information and have a closer look at the Amamoor Creek camping area. Remember to always check Park alerts before you go.