Our top tips for waterfall chasing in SEQ


Well, well, well, you’re looking to spend some magic moments on park in our south east, are you? Park on.

This time of year, this heat, the beauty we know exists in our patch –we know you’ve got waterfalls on your summer to-do list. We don’t blame you. In fact, we might even see you there. But while we’re at it, we thought we’d share some truths about our wonderful waterfalls to equip you with info for the best possible experience.

There aren’t any ‘hidden gems’

  • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s almost always packed in SEQ.
  • Be prepared to share your spot of choice with other waterfall wanderers and crowds also looking to cool off.
  • Try arriving earlier or later in the day to miss peak crowds and if the car park looks packed, consider another park adventure nearby and circling back later.
  • You can expect to get your steps up in the heat, parking and walking up to 2km away from your cooling-off location of choice.
Graphic reading 'Instagram: beautiful, calm, peaceful, serene, quiet. Areas you've seen in photos actually restricted due to safety issues & Reality: 'hoards of people trying to find their own private patch in a small, enclosed area.

It can be really dangerous and sections are restricted

  • If you’ve found the perfect spot to visit, make sure you research it first on our website.
  • Check that it suits your fitness level, and your friends’ or family’s abilities.
  • Know where you can and can’t go and where it’s safe and isn’t to get in the water.
  • Check maps and signage for Restricted access areas and take our signs as a sign to stay safe.
Graphic reading 'restricted access area sign in place due to previous deaths and injuries' next to a polaroid photo of a Danger sign on park.

Picture perfect can change in a flash

  • Find ways to enjoy your time in nature without taking unnecessary risks.
  • Rope swings are more nope rope to us than snakes.
  • Don’t risk jumping or smashing into rocks and falling into water on park, often very far away from emergency service assistance.
  • Check weather and park alerts before you leave to make sure you’ll have the best conditions for your adventure.
  • Remember, what’s under the surface can change from minute to minute.

There’s more to see than just the swimming holes in this patch

  • Why not plan your day to see and do more than one thing at more than one national park?
  • The benefits of the south east mean most things are within reasonable driving distance.
  • Cool off on a walk, deep within the shade of our rainforest trees.
  • Let the birds calm you by heading out to watch and listen to them.
  • Soak up the sun in a day use area and bring the snags for a cook up, too.
  • Slow down time and be transported with your own nature soundscape by bringing a book to perch up and read at a lookout for an hour or two.
  • Choose your own adventure by searching our available parks and activities.
Graphic reading 'plenty to see and do on park in SEQ. Search parks.des.qld.gov.au for adventure inspo from the people who run the parks. Yep that's a thing.' Next to a polaroid of a waterfall scene.

Time in nature makes space for life’s best moments, so get out there, be safe and enjoy them.